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John LeStrange (2nd Lord Knockyn) b. 1252 d. 8 August 1309

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Lineage LeStrange
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John LeStrange
Other last names 2nd Lord Knockyn

John Lestrange (1st Lord Knockyn) [LeStrange] d. before 26 February 1276

Joan de Somery [Somery] d. 1282


1252 birth:

child birth: Elizabeth LeStrange [LeStrange]

15 August 1301 child birth: Knockin, Shropshire, England, Roger LeStrange [LeStrange] b. 15 August 1301 d. 29 July 1349

8 August 1309 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hawise Lestrange
birth: 1234, Cheswardine, Shropshire, England
death: 1310, Montgomeryshire, Wales
John LeStrange (of Knockyn)
death: before March 1276
Roger de Somery
birth: Dudley (England)
marriage: Nichole d'Aubigny
death: 26 August 1273
Isabel d'Aubigny (of Arundel)
birth: about 1203, Arundel (England), Sussex (England)
marriage: John I FitzAlan
death: before 1240
Maud d'Aubigny
death: about 1210
John Lestrange (1st Lord Knockyn)
death: before 26 February 1276
Joan de Somery
death: 1282
== 3 ==
John LeStrange (2nd Lord Knockyn)
birth: 1252
death: 8 August 1309
== 3 ==
Maud Lancaster (Plantagenet)
birth: 1305, Knockin, Shropshire, England
death: 1344, Oswestry, Shropshire, England
Roger LeStrange
birth: 15 August 1301, Knockin, Shropshire, England
death: 29 July 1349, Lincolnshire (England)
Roger LeStrange
birth: 1327, Knockin, Shropshire, England
death: 23 April 1382, Kenewyleswode, Wales

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