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(Sir) Walter Raleigh (The Explorer) b. 1552 d. 29 October 1618

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Lineage Raleigh
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) (Sir) Walter Raleigh
Other last names The Explorer

Walter Raleigh (Father of the Explorer) [Raleigh]

Catherine Champernowne​ [Champernowne​] b. 1502 d. 1565

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1552 birth:

marriage: Francesca Tainahmah (Damerei) [Muston]

marriage: Elizabeth (Bess) Throckmorton [Throckmorton]

1570 child birth: Damerei (Damaury) Raleigh (Rawley Winganditioan) [Raleigh] b. 1570 d. 2 April 1589

1570 child birth: Crawshawbooth, Lancashire (England), Raleigh Crowshaw [Croshaw] b. 1570

before 1585 child birth: Charles Rawlie [Rawlie] b. before 1585

29 June 1591 child birth: England, Miles End, Enfield, London, Nicholas Damerai Raleigh [Raleigh] b. 29 June 1591 d. October 1591

1593 child birth: Walter Raleigh [Raleigh] b. 1593 d. 1616

1605 child birth: London, England, Tower of London, Carew Raleigh [Raleigh] b. 1605 d. 1666

29 October 1618 death:


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Catherine Carew
birth: 1495
death: 1545
(Sir) Philip Champernowne​ (of Modbury)
birth: 1479
death: 2 August 1545
Catherine Champernowne​
birth: 1502
occupation: Governess to Elizabeth I
death: 1565
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Damerei (Damaury) Raleigh (Rawley Winganditioan)
birth: 1570
emigration: 1584, England, To England, Aboard the Ship Tyger captained by Sir Richard Grenville
baptism: 1588, Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church, Christian Baptism
death: 2 April 1589
burial: Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church
Philippa Sheldon
birth: 1607, London, England
marriage: w (Sir) Anthony Ashley
marriage: Carew Raleigh
death: 20 June 1674
Carew Raleigh
birth: 1605, London, England, Tower of London
graduation: Oxford (England), Wadham College, Oxford
marriage: Philippa Sheldon
residence: 1612, Colony of Virginia
occupation: 1649, Parliament - Member for Haslemere
occupation: 1660, Jersey, Channel Islands, Governor of Jersey
death: 1666, London, England, St Martin's Lane
burial: Westminster (England), Raleigh Crypt, St Margaret's Church
Nicholas Damerai Raleigh
birth: 29 June 1591, England, Miles End, Enfield, London
baptism: Godfather: Damerei (Damaury) Raleigh
death: October 1591, 5 Months Old
burial: Bideford, England, Bideford's Parish Church
Walter Raleigh
birth: 1593
death: 1616, Guiana, South America
Raleigh Crowshaw
birth: 1570, Crawshawbooth, Lancashire (England)
baptism: Gravesend (Kent), England
Charles Rawlie
birth: before 1585
residence: Guyana
baptism: 13 February 1597, St Luke's Parish, Chelsea
Elizabeth Rogers
marriage: (Sir) Walter Sheldon (Raleigh)
burial: 24 February 1695, Dowdeswell, England
(Sir) Walter Sheldon (Raleigh)
birth: 1650, London, England
marriage: Elizabeth Rogers
death: 1660, West Horsley, Surrey (England)
Carew Raleigh (Junior)
birth: about 1650
(Major) Joseph Croshaw (Crowshaw)
birth: 1610
death: 1667

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