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(Sir) Anthony Ashley-Cooper b. 22 July 1621 d. 22 January 1683

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Lineage Ashley-Cooper
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) (Sir) Anthony Ashley-Cooper

w (Sir) John Cooper (of Rockburne) [Cooper] d. 23 March 1630

Anne (Elizabeth) Ashley [Ashley] d. 20 July 1628

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22 July 1621 birth: England

religion: Unitarian

1646 residence: Barbados

1647 child birth: Barbados, Penelope Ashley-Cooper [Ashley-Cooper] b. 1647 d. 1711

16 January 1652 child birth: Anthony Ashley-Cooper (2nd Earl Shaftesbury) [Ashley-Cooper] b. 16 January 1652 d. 10 November 1669

1669 title: Lord Proprietor of Carolina

1681 fact 2: Arrested for high treason - (Charges Dismissed)

22 January 1683 death: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Gout of the stomach


While Anthony was christened Ashley-Cooper, his siblings and their descendants remained Coopers.

He drew up a will on January 17, 1683.

On January 20, in a conversation with Robert Ferguson, who had accompanied him to Amsterdam, he professed himself a closet Arian with decided Unitarian leanings.

[edit] Sources

  1. - Several Marriages: Margaret Coventry, Frances Cecil, Margaret Spencer. His daughter Penelope is named for her grandmother.
  2. - Two legitimate sons (heirs) recorded, the first having died young.
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  8. Memoirs, Letters, and Speeches, of Anthony Ashley Cooper: With Other Papers Anthony Ashley Cooper Earl of Shaftesbury John Murray, 1859 - Great Britain - While Burke's Peerage states that Ashley-Cooper had only one child, son and heir Anthony Jr, Ashley-Cooper's published papers and biographies state that he had several daughters. It is also documented that he had at least one illegitimate son, Charles, born during his first marriage
  9. - Location of St. Peters, New Kent, Virginia

From grandparents to grandchildren

(Sir) John Cooper
birth: 1552
religion: England, Pawlet Manor, Somerset
occupation: 1586, Parliament- Representative for Whitchurch Hampshire
death: 24 November 1610
Philippa Sheldon
birth: 1607, London, England
marriage: w (Sir) Anthony Ashley
marriage: Carew Raleigh
death: 20 June 1674
(Sir) Anthony Ashley
birth: 1551
residence: England, Wimbourne St. Giles, Dorset
marriage: Janet (Jane) Okeover
marriage: Philippa Sheldon
occupation: between 1584 and 1609, Clerk of the Privy Council
occupation: 1589, Drake–Norris Expedition
death: 13 January 1628
(Sir) John Cooper (of Rockburne)
religion: Arminianist (Renounced)
title: July 1622, 1st Baronet of Rockbourne
occupation: 1628, Parliament- House of Commons for Poole Borough
death: 23 March 1630
Anne (Elizabeth) Ashley
birth: England, Winbourne St. Giles, Dorset
death: 20 July 1628
== 3 ==
Margaret Spencer
birth: 1627, Brington (Northamptonshire), England
death: 1693, London, England
(Sir) Anthony Ashley-Cooper
birth: 22 July 1621, England
religion: Unitarian
residence: 1646, Barbados
title: 1669, Lord Proprietor of Carolina
fact 2: 1681, Arrested for high treason - (Charges Dismissed)
death: 22 January 1683, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Gout of the stomach
== 3 ==
Peter Massie
birth: about 1639
death: 25 December 1719, St Peters, New Kent, Virginia
Penelope Ashley-Cooper
birth: 1647, Barbados
death: 1711, Virginia, St Peters, New Kent, Virginia
Anthony Ashley-Cooper (2nd Earl Shaftesbury)
birth: 16 January 1652
death: 10 November 1669
Thomas William Massie
birth: 1675, Virginia, St Peters, New Kent, Virginia
death: 1731, Goochland (Virginia)

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