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Felicite de Broyes (Beaufort)

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Lineage Broyes
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Felicite de Broyes
Other last names Beaufort

Simon de Broyes (Beaufort) [Broyes]


child birth: Mahaut Rethel [Rethel]

child birth: Menasses V Rethel (Manassus) [Rethel] d. 1273

1200 child birth: Hugo III van Rethel [Rethel] b. 1200 d. 1243


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Hugh II Rethel
death: 1227
== 2 ==
Johanna van Dampierre
birth: 1225
marriage: Hugo III van Rethel
marriage: Theobald II van Bar
title: 1243, Comtesse de Bar
death: 1246
Thomas II Coucy
birth: 1191
death: 1253
Gobert VII van Aspremont
birth: 1225
marriage: Agnes van Coucy
death: 24 December 1278
Hugh IV Rethel
death: 1290
Thomas III Coucy
death: 1281
Baldwin of Avesnes
birth: 1219
marriage: Félicité de Coucy
title: 1244, Lord of Beaumont
death: 1295
Félicité de Coucy
birth: 1220
marriage: Baldwin of Avesnes
title: 1243, Dame héritière d'Avesnes
title: 1244, Dame de Beaumont
death: 1307

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