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Louis I de Rochechouart b. estimated 1338 d. before 1383

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Lineage Rochechouart
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Louis I de Rochechouart

Jean I de Rochechouart [Rochechouart] b. estimated 1310 d. 19 September 1356

Jeanne de Sully (de Maupas, de Brion) [Sully] d. 16 May 1385



estimated 1338 birth:

child birth: Jean de Rochechouart (de Gallardon, de la Motte-Bigot) [Rochechouart]

child birth: Louis de Rochechouart [Rochechouart]

title: Vicomte de Rochechouart

marriage: Isabeau de Parthenay (d'Apremont) [Parthenay]

24 February 1355 marriage contract: Marie Vigier (de Javerlhac) [Vigier] d. 6 November 1360

calculated December 1355 child birth: Jean II de Rochechouart [Rochechouart] b. calculated December 1355 d. about 12 February 1429

before 1383 death:



Louis was the son of Jean de Rochechouart, vicomte de Rochechouart, and Jeanne de Sully, dame de Maupas et de Brion. About February 1355 he married Marie Vigier, dame de Javerlhac. Their son Jean II would have progeny.

In 1357 the Treaty of Bretigny granted Poitou and Limousin to the crown of England. Rochechouart was thus delivered up to the English in 1362. Nevertheless, Louis refused to submit to the troops of Edward III and the Black Prince, and was imprisoned by the latter in 1364. When he was freed, he rushed to the court of Charles V to renew his allegiance and rejoin Bertrand Du Guesclin's troops. Reprisals for this came swiftly, with English troops allied to local French lords unsuccessfully laying siege to Rochechouart, recaptured several times by the viscounts. The town and castle's fortification remained unbroken, but the surrounding lands were pillaged and devastated. The French king himself sympathised and granted Louis the chвtellenie of Rochefort. Louis, councillor and chamberlain of Charles V, and his lieutenant in Limousin, fought on Du Guesclin's side in the reconquest of Poitou in 1372-73.

The conduct of viscounts Simon, Jean and Louis de Rochechouart during the Hundred Years' War allowed the Rochechouart family to attain the highest reaches of the 15th century French feudal hierarchy. Louis, who died in 1394, was involved in the campaigns that returned the French kings to the throne of France, and was called cousin by the king.

The three viscounts who succeeded Louis - Jean II, Geoffrey and Foucaud - were counsellors and chamberlains to kings Charles VI, Charles VII and Louis XI. By their marriages they expanded their territories, receiving the fiefdoms of Berry and Poitou. Within the king's armies, the viscounts were 'chevaliers bannerets', at the head of important troops of knights, horsemen and men at arms. Supporters of the Crown of France during the civil war which marked the reign of Charles VI, they participated in the great battles of the Hundred Years' War during that century.

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Aimery de Rochechouart
other: 1304, Mentioned
Lore de Rochechouart (de Chabanais)
title: Dame de Chabanais
marriage contract: Simon de Rochechouart
death: after 1 September 1356
Simon de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1252
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart, Seign, de Tonnay-Charente
marriage contract: Lore de Rochechouart (de Chabanais)
death: before 1318
Jean I de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1310
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage contract: Jeanne de Sully (de Maupas, de Brion)
death: 19 September 1356, near Poitiers (in battle)
Jeanne de Sully (de Maupas, de Brion)
title: Dame de Maupas et de Brion
marriage contract: Jean I de Rochechouart
death: 16 May 1385
== 3 ==
Marie Vigier (de Javerlhac)
title: Dame de Javerlhac
marriage contract: Louis I de Rochechouart
death: 6 November 1360
Louis I de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1338
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Isabeau de Parthenay (d'Apremont)
marriage contract: Marie Vigier (de Javerlhac)
death: before 1383
== 3 ==
Eleonore (Honneur) de Mathéfelon (d'Entrammes)
birth: 1350, Seine Et Maritime, France
title: Dame d'Entrammes
marriage: Jean II de Rochechouart
death: before 30 August 1419
Jean II de Rochechouart
birth: calculated December 1355
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Eleonore (Honneur) de Mathéfelon (d'Entrammes)
death: about 12 February 1429, near Orleans
Jean de Rochechouart (de Gallardon, de la Motte-Bigot)
title: Seigneur de Gallardon, de la Motte-Bigot
Geoffroy de Rochechouart
birth: estimated 1375, Rochechouart, France
title: Vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Marguerite Chenin (De Mauzé)
death: between 18 February 1439 and 10 December 1440
Louis de Rochechouart (de Jars, de Breviande)
title: Seigneur de Jars et de Breviande
death: after 10 June 1446
Louis de Pierre-Buffière
marriage: Marie de Rochechouart
death: after 26 October 1422
burial: Pierrebuffiere

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