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Brennius (Bran) ? (of Brittany)

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Lineage ?
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Brennius (Bran) ?
Other last names of Brittany

Tonnuuene Galatia [Ammonites]

Minocannus (Mynogan) ? (Oirbsiu Mor) [Philiadi]

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child birth: Gwryth (Gurgust) (Grigius) ? (Glaucius, Barbtruc) [?]

child birth: Caratacus Corwinus ? (ap Bran) [?]

child birth: Caradocus (Corvus) ? (Croilus Marius) [Gens Marii]

-494 title: Dux Britannia

-394 other: Led the Celtic Storm invasion of Italy

-387 other: Sack of Rome


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Married the daughter of Segnius (Segwyn, Segunus) of the Allobroges

This person is most likely the Breogan of the Irish annals who built the tower of Breogan in Brigantia Gaul.

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Hipponicus III
death: -424, Battle of Delium
Galates III (Gallios)
title: -400, Rex Gallia
death: -350
Tonnuuene Galatia
title: Princess of Gallia
Minocannus (Mynogan) ? (Oirbsiu Mor)
title: King of Tyrrianus Maris
title: between -425 and -400, Rex Britannia
== 3 ==
Belinus (Belovesus) Mawr ? (Filius Minocannus)
title: King of Britain
title: between -400 and -375, Tyrrianus Maris, King of Tyrrianus Maris
Brennius (Bran) ? (of Brittany)
title: -494, Dux Britannia
other: -394, Led the Celtic Storm invasion of Italy
other: -387, Sack of Rome
== 3 ==
Caradocus (Corvus) ? (Croilus Marius)
title: 148, King of England-in Exile, Alt Clyde (Alt Clut) Dumbarton, Firth of Clyde
title: 184, King of Albany, Pictavia
Caratacus Corwinus ? (ap Bran)
title: Praefectus Silures
Gwryth (Gurgust) (Grigius) ? (Glaucius, Barbtruc)
title: between -350 and -325, King of Britain
Cuelin (Corwinus) ? (Vendigaid)
other: Praefectus Silures
Cyllin (Silvinus) Corwinus
title: Praefectus Silures

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