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Johannes von Trapp b. 17 January 1939

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Lineage Trapp
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Johannes von Trapp

Georg Ludwig von Trapp [Trapp] b. 4 April 1880 d. 30 May 1947

Maria Augusta Kutschera [Kutschera] b. 26 January 1905 d. 1987


17 January 1939 birth: USA

child birth: Sam von Trapp [Trapp]

child birth: von Trapp [Trapp]

1969 marriage: Lynne Peterson (von Trapp) [Peterson]

From grandparents to grandchildren

August von Trapp
birth: 1836, Bad Homburg
marriage: Hedwig Wepler
death: 1884
Hede von Trapp
birth: 18 November 1877, Pula, Kroatien
marriage: Robert Lutz
death: 29 December 1947, Korneuburg, Niederösterreich
Werner von Trapp
birth: about 1884
marriage: Constance O' Mara , Österreich
death: 1915
Agathe Whitehead
birth: 14 June 1891, Rijeka
marriage: Georg Ludwig von Trapp
death: 3 September 1922, Klosterneuburg, Scharlachfieber
Georg Ludwig von Trapp
birth: 4 April 1880, Zadar, Kroatien
occupation: from 1894 - 1 July 1897, Marineakademie Fiume
occupation: 1 July 1897, Marineakademie Fiume, Seekadett 2. Klasse
occupation: about 1899, Ausbildungsfahrten u.a. nach Australien
occupation: 1901, Seekadett
occupation: 1903, Linienschiffsfähnrich
occupation: 1 November 1908, Linienschiffsleutnat
occupation: from 1 July 1910 - 2 July 1913, Rijeka, Kroatien, Oberbefehl über das U-Boot SM U6
marriage: Agathe Whitehead
marriage: Maria Augusta Kutschera
death: 30 May 1947, Boston, MA, USA
Maria Augusta Kutschera
birth: 26 January 1905, Wien
occupation: about 1924, Benediktinen-Frauenstift Nonnberg, Erzieherin
occupation: 1925, Hauslehrerin
marriage: Georg Ludwig von Trapp
death: 1987, Morrisville, Vermont, USA
== 3 ==
Rupert von Trapp
birth: 11 November 1911, Pula, Kroatien
marriage: Henriette Lajoie
marriage: Janice Tyre
death: 22 February 1992
Agathe Johanna Erwina Gobertina von Trapp
birth: 12 March 1913, Pula, Kroatien
death: 28 December 2010, Baltimore, MD, USA
Maria Franziska von Trapp
birth: 28 September 1914, Zell am See, Salzburg
Werner von Trapp
birth: 21 December 1915, Zell am See, Salzburg
marriage: Erika Klambauer (von Trapp)
death: 11 October 2007, Waitsfield, Vermont, USA
Hedwig von Trapp
birth: 28 July 1917, Zell am See, Salzburg
death: 14 September 1972, Zell am See
Johanna von Trapp
birth: 7 September 1919, Zell am See
marriage: Ernst Forian Winter
death: 25 November 1994
Martina von Trapp
birth: 17 February 1921, Martinschlössl, Klosterneuburg, Niederösterreich
marriage: Jean Dupiere
death: 25 February 1951
Rosemarie von Trapp
birth: 8 February 1929, Villa Trapp, Salzburg
Eleonore von Trapp (Campbell)
birth: 14 May 1931, Villa Trapp, Salzburg
marriage: Hugh David Campbell
== 3 ==
Sam von Trapp
birth: Vice President of the Lodge
occupation: 2007

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