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Orguilleuse de Harenc d. March 1175

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Lineage Harenc
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Orguilleuse de Harenc
Wiki-page wikipedia:fr:Orgueilleuse de Harenc


child birth: Raymond IV de Poitiers (of Antioch) [Ramnulfids] d. May 1199

between 1162 and 1166 marriage: Bohemund III de Antioch [Ramnulfids] b. 1144 d. 1201

1172 child birth: Bohemund IV de Poitiers [Ramnulfids] b. 1172 d. March 1233

March 1175 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Bohemund III de Antioch
birth: 1144
title: Prince d’Antioche
marriage: Orguilleuse de Harenc
death: 1201
== 1 ==
Melisende de Lusignan
birth: after 1201
marriage: Bohemund IV de Poitiers
death: after 1249, или в 1233
Bohemund IV de Poitiers
birth: 1172
title: from 1187 - March 1233, Ct Tripolis
marriage: Plaisance Embriaco of Giblet
title: from 1201 - 1205, Pr.Antioch
title: from 1208 - 1216, князь Антиохийский
marriage: Melisende de Lusignan
title: from 1219 - March 1233, князь Антиохии
death: March 1233
Alix (Alice) ? (of Armenia)
birth: 1182
death: 1234
Raymond IV de Poitiers (of Antioch)
title: between 1187 and 1189, comte de Tripoli
title: between 1193 and 1194, prince régent d'Antioche
marriage: Alix (Alice) ? (of Armenia, Rupenids)
death: May 1199
Isabelle (Zabel) of Armenia
birth: before 1219
title: from 1219 - 1252, Queen of Armenia
marriage: Philip de Poitiers (of Armenia)
marriage: w Hethum I
death: 22 January 1252
Philip de Poitiers (of Armenia)
title: from 1221 - 1225, King of Cilician Armenia
marriage: Isabelle (Zabel) of Armenia
death: 1225, poisoned in prison
Bohemond V de Poitiers (of Antioch)
birth: about 1205
title: from March 1233 - 1252, Prince of Antioch, ct de Tripolis
death: 1252
birth: 1199
marriage: Элоиза де Лузиньян
title: after 1199, "Rex Iunior" of Armenia
title: from 1205 - 1208, князь Антиохии
title: after 1216, князь Антиохии
death: between 1219 and 1122
Isabella de Lusignan
birth: before 1216
other: Regent from Cyprus
marriage: Henri de Poitiers (of Antioch)
death: 1264
Henri de Poitiers (of Antioch)
birth: between 1198 and 1217
title: Prince of Antioch
marriage: Isabella de Lusignan
death: between 18 June 1276 and 27 June 1276, Тир, drawn in the sea
burial: Никосия, Кипр

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