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Béatrice d'Aquitaine

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Lineage Ramnulfide
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Béatrice d'Aquitaine

William V Poitiers [Ramnulfids] b. 969 d. 30 January 1030


child birth: Ermessende de Melgueil [Melgueil]

child birth: Pierre Ier de Melgueil [Melgueil] d. about 1085

marriage: Raymond Ier de Melgueil [Melgueil] d. before 1079

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adélaïde de Poitiers
birth: about 945
marriage: Hugh Capet
title: 968, Duchesse des Francs
title: 987
death: after 1004, datum is 16 april
William IV of Aquitaine
birth: Poitiers (86), comte de Poitiers
birth: 937
title: Poitiers (86), duc d'Aquitaine
marriage: Emma du Blois
death: 3 February 995
burial: Poitiers (86), l'Abbaye de Saint Maixent
Odo I de Blois
birth: 950
title: 977
death: between 12 March 995 and 996, Marmoutier, France, Marmoutier Abbey
marriage: Bertha Bourgogne
Hugues de Blois
title: 969, Archevêque de Bourges
death: 986
Emma du Blois
birth: 950
marriage: William IV of Aquitaine
death: 27 December 1003
Agnes van Macon
birth: 990
marriage: William V Poitiers
title: 1019, Comtesse de Poitou
title: 1032, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
marriage: Geoffrey II Martel
title: 21 June 1040, Comtesse d'Anjou
title: 1044, Saintes (Charente-Maritime), Comtesse de Tours
annulment: Geoffrey II Martel
death: 10 November 1068
burial: Poitiers, Saint Nicolas abbey
William V Poitiers
birth: 969
title: from 995 - 1030, Count of Poitou
title: from 995 - 1030, Duke of Aquitaine
marriage: Agnes van Macon
death: 30 January 1030, Maillezais
== 3 ==
Agnes von Poitou
birth: about 1025
title: from 1043 - 1062, Kaiserin des Heiligen Römischen Reiches
marriage: Heinrich III , Ingelheim am Rhein
death: 14 December 1077, Rom
burial: 6 January 1078, Petersdom
Willem VII (Pierre-Guillaume) of Aquitaine
birth: 1023
marriage: w Ermensinde
death: 1058, Saumur
burial: St Nicolaaspriorij in Poitiers
William VIII (Guy-Geoffrey) Poitiers (de Aquitaine)
birth: 1023
title: from 1058 - 1086, Comte de Poitiers
title: from 1058 - 1086, Duc de Bourgogne
marriage: Hildegarde Bourgogne
divorce: Hildegarde Bourgogne
death: 25 September 1086, Chizé
burial: Poitiers, Church of Saint-Jean de Montierneuf
Raymond Ier de Melgueil
marriage: Béatrice d'Aquitaine
title: before 1048, граф де Мельгёй
death: before 1079
== 3 ==
Pierre Ier de Melgueil
marriage: Almodis de Toulouse
title: before 1079, граф де Мельгёй
death: about 1085

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