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Álmos (Almos) ? (of the Magyars) b. estimated 820 d. about 895

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Lineage Árpád
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Álmos (Almos) ?
Other last names of the Magyars

Előd Ügyek [?] b. 796 d. after 820

Emese [Dentümoger] d. after 820

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:High Prince Álmos


estimated 820 birth:

residence: Holy City of Al-Amut (Arsania)

estimated 850 child birth: Hungary, Pannonia, Árpád (Arpad) Magyar [Arpad] b. estimated 850 d. 907

about 895 death:


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The legendary names Ügyek and Emese would translate as "holy" and "mother" by a Roman, another name given for Almos father is Elod which would give them connection to the Khazarian Hebrews. It is suspected that the names are not conflicting and that the name Elod Ugyek would be the proper designation of the father of Almos. The name Almos in Hungarian means Dream. This particular tribe of Magyars originated in an area that was heavily influenced by the Eastern Samarite/Langobardic/tradition which included a belief in Semi-Divine Priest Kings, and Kingly sacrifice.

Eleud, the son of Ugek by the daughter of Eunodbilia in Scythia had a son, who was named Almus because in a dream of his mother there appeared a bird in the shape of a hawk who impregnated her, and from her womb a fast-flowing stream began to flow, but it was in foreign lands that it grew and propagated. So it happened that from her loins a great line of kings was born

[edit] Sources

  1. Chronicon Pictum - Almus qui fuit Eleud, qui fuit Vgeg, qui fuit Ed, qui fuit Chaba, qui fuit Ethele
  2. -

From grandparents to grandchildren

residence: Kuyabia (Kiev)
Előd Ügyek
birth: 796
marriage: Emese
death: after 820
marriage: Előd Ügyek
death: after 820
== 3 ==
Álmos (Almos) ? (of the Magyars)
birth: estimated 820
residence: Holy City of Al-Amut (Arsania)
death: about 895
== 3 ==
Árpád (Arpad) Magyar
birth: estimated 850, Hungary, Pannonia
title: 896, правитель Венгрии, 2-й
death: 907, Hungary, Obuda, Pest
Maen Bihar
birth: about 890, Bihar, Hungary
marriage: Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary
Zoltán (Zoltan) of Hungary
birth: estimated 890
marriage: Maen Bihar
title: 907, правитель Венгрии, 3-й
death: 947, Pannonia
birth: 872
death: 928

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