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Rhodri ap Hywel d. 953

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Lineage Dinefwr
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Rhodri ap Hywel

Hywel ap Cadell [Dinefwr] b. 887

Elen Verch Llywarch (Dyfed) [Dyfed] b. 893 d. 943

Wiki-page wikipedia:Rhodri ap Hywel


from 950 - 953 title: King of Deheubarth

953 death: Llandeilo, Deheubarth, Dinefwr Castle, Kingdom of Deheubarth


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Anarawd ap Rhodri
birth: about 857, Aberffraw, Kingdom of Gwynedd
title: from 878 - 916, King of Gwynedd
death: 916, Aberffraw, Kingdom of Gwynedd
Merfyn ap Rhodhri
title: from 878 - 900, King of Powys
death: about 904
Cadell ap Rhodri
birth: 854
title: from 872 - 909, King of Seisyllwg
death: 909
Hywel ap Cadell
birth: 887, Dinefwr, Kingdom of Deheubarth
title: from 905 - 909, King of Dyfed
title: between 909 and 950, Prince of Deheubarth
title: from 909 - 909, Prince of Seisyllwg
title: from 920 - 950, Prince of Gwynedd
title: from 942 - 950, King of Powys
birth: 950, Dinefwr, Kingdom of Deheubarth
Elen Verch Llywarch (Dyfed)
birth: 893, Dyfed, Wales
death: 943, Dyfed, Wales
== 3 ==
Owain ap Hywel
birth: 913, Dynefwr, Kingdom of Deheubarth
title: between 950 and 987, King of Deheubarth
death: 987, Dynefwr, Kingdom of Deheubarth
Edwin ap Hywel
title: from 950 - 954, King of Deheubarth
death: about 954, Llandeilo, Deheubarth, Dinefwr Castle, Kingdom of Deheubarth
Rhodri ap Hywel
title: from 950 - 953, King of Deheubarth
death: 953, Llandeilo, Deheubarth, Dinefwr Castle, Kingdom of Deheubarth
== 3 ==

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