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Boduene I van Bentheim b. before 1190 d. between 23 April 1246 and 9 May 1248

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Lineage Bentheim
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Boduene I van Bentheim

Otto IV van Bentheim [Bentheim] b. estimated 1140 d. 1208

Alveradis van Arnsberg [Cuyk-Arnsberg] b. estimated 1160 d. 1230


before 1190 birth:

child birth: Otto II van Bentheim [Bentheim] d. after 1279

child birth: Elisabeth van Bentheim [Bentheim]

marriage: Jutta van Limburg [Limburg] d. 23 April 1246

1224 child birth: Bertha van Bentheim [Bentheim] b. 1224 d. after 1272

between 23 April 1246 and 9 May 1248 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hadewich van Holland
birth: estimated 1110
marriage: w Hugo III van Voorne
death: after 1157
Dirk VI van Holland
birth: 1114, den Haag
marriage: w Sophia de Salm (de Rheineck)
death: 5 August 1157, Egmond
burial: Rijnsburg
Sophia de Salm (de Rheineck)
birth: estimated 1120
marriage: Dirk VI van Holland
title: Countess of Bentheim
death: 26 September 1176, Jerusalem
burial: Jerusalem
Floris III of Holland
birth: about 1138
title: from 1157 - 1 August 1190, Count of Holland
marriage: Ada of Huntingdon (of Scotland)
death: 1 August 1190, Antioch
burial: Antioch
Otto IV van Bentheim
birth: estimated 1140
marriage: Alveradis van Arnsberg
death: 1208
Hendrik van Cuyk
birth: 1140
death: 1195
Frederik van Cuijck
birth: 1132
death: about 1165
Alveradis van Arnsberg
birth: estimated 1160
marriage: Otto IV van Bentheim
death: 1230
== 3 ==
Marina van Bentheim
birth: estimated 1190
marriage: Ricolt van Ochten
death: about 1252
Agnes van Bentheim
birth: estimated 1175
marriage: Willem I van Teijlingen , Gens Nostra juni 1995 bl. 294
death: 1203
Boduene I van Bentheim
birth: before 1190
marriage: Jutta van Limburg
death: between 23 April 1246 and 9 May 1248
== 3 ==
Bertha van Bentheim
birth: 1224
death: after 1272
Heilwig von Tecklenburg
birth: about 1219
marriage: Otto II van Bentheim
death: about 1264
Otto II van Dale
birth: 1240
death: after 1282

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