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Олександр Жмуденко b. 12 October 1931

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Lineage Жмуденки
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Олександр Жмуденко

Сергій Жмуденко [Жмуденки]

Варвара Гудим (Жмуденко) [Гудими] b. 18 December 1905


12 October 1931 birth: Донбас, УРСР

about 1957 marriage: Galina Ivanova [Ivanovy] b. 13 December 1924 d. 16 March 2000

7 June 1958 child birth: Kiew, Ukrainische SSR, Vladimir Zhmudenko [Zhmudenky] b. 7 June 1958 d. 4 September 1985

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Володимир Жмуденко
birth: 1926
death: 1943, Донбас, УРСР, загинув у першому бою після танкового училища
Галина Жмуденко
birth: 1924
death: 1994
Galina Ivanova
birth: 13 December 1924
marriage: Тарас Духота
marriage: Олександр Жмуденко
death: 16 March 2000
burial: Cimetière Kitaevskaya
Олександр Жмуденко
birth: 12 October 1931, Донбас, УРСР
marriage: Galina Ivanova
== 3 ==
Tetyana Dukhota
birth: 12 October 1948, Ternopil, URSS
marriage: Anatoliy Boychuk , Kiew
divorce: Anatoliy Boychuk , Kiew
Vladimir Zhmudenko
birth: 7 June 1958, Kiew, Ukrainische SSR
marriage: Irina Kolomiytseva (Zhmudenko, Hamretskyy, Cuman)
death: 4 September 1985, Yakutiya, RRFSR
burial: Kiew, Ukrainische SSR, rechten Seite, Nummer 5, 9 Ort pidhovano Großmutter
Jaroslav Hamretskyy
birth: 18 April 1989, Kiew, Ukraine
Stanislav Cuman
birth: 25 December 1999, Sarni, Rivne, Ukraine
Anna Kolomiytseva
birth: 14 September 1984, Kiew, Ukrainische SSR

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