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Ratu Anom Ismail (Ratu Anom Mangku Dilaga bin Sultan Tahmidillah 2, Ratu Asmael)

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Lineage Ismail
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Ratu Anom Ismail
Other last names Ratu Anom Mangku Dilaga bin Sultan Tahmidillah 2, Ratu Asmael
Other given names Pangeran Dipati Anum Ismail, Raden Dipati Anum Ismail, Pangeran Mangku Dilaga

Sunan Nata Alam Sultan Tahmidubillah 2 (Sultan Tahmidullah II) [Sultan Banjar]


Gt. Addy Rijani (17) bin Gt. Sabri (16) bin Gt. Husin (15) bin Gt. Amir (14) bin Gt. M. Arsyad (13) bin Pangeran Panglima (12) bin P. Muh. Said (11) bin P. Asmael (10) bin P. Nata / Sultan Tahmidillah II (9) bin S. Tamjidillah / Sultan Sepoh (8) bin S. Tahlilullah (7) bin S. Saidullah (6) bin S. Inayatullah (5) bin S. Mustainbillah (4) bin S. Hidayatullah (3) bin S. Rahmatullah (2) bin S. Suriansyah (1)

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Soeltan Soelaiman (Sulaiman Saidullah 2 , Sulaiman al-Mu'tamidullah, Sulaiman Rahmatullah)
marriage: Nyai Ratna (Nyai Ratu Sepuh)
death: 3 June 1825,
== 3 ==

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