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Djadaron Bagrationi-Osetien (of Ossetia, Bagratuni)

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Lineage Bagration
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Djadaron Bagrationi-Osetien
Other last names of Ossetia, Bagratuni

Athom Bagrationi-Osetien (of Ossetia) [Bagration]



child birth: w David Soslan (Bagrationi-Osetien) [Bagration] d. 1207

title: roi d'Alanie ou Ossétie

marriage: Roussoudan Bagration (Bagration d'Alanie) [Bagration]


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[edit] Sources

  1. - * Voir, Alains

From grandparents to grandchildren

Athom Bagrationi-Osetien (of Ossetia)
title: roi d'Alanie ou Ossétie
== 3 ==
Roussoudan Bagration (Bagration d'Alanie)
title: princesse par naissance
title: reine consort d'Alanie ou Ossétie
marriage: Djadaron Bagrationi-Osetien (of Ossetia, Bagratuni)
== 3 ==
Tamar Bagration
birth: about 1166
title: between 1184 and 1213, царица (1184 - около 1210)
marriage: Юрий Андреевич Владимирский
marriage: w David Soslan (Bagrationi-Osetien)
death: about 18 January 1213
burial: monastère de Ghélati
David Soslan (Bagrationi-Osetien)
title: Tsarevitch
marriage: Tamar Bagration
title: from 1193 - 1207, roi consort de Géorgie
death: 1207
Giorgi IV Bagrationi (of Georgia)
birth: 1191
title: 1207, co-régent de Géorgie
title: from 1213 - 1223, царь (1210, 1213-1223)
death: 18 January 1223
burial: Mtskheta, cathédrale de Svétitskhovéli
Ghias Ad-din ou Muhammad Mughis ad-Dîn
birth: about 1206
title: from 1223 - 1226, roi consort de la reine Rousoudan
marriage: Русудан
other: Русудан , Отказ от Гиаса Ад-дина
birth: 1194
title: царевна
marriage: Ghias Ad-din ou Muhammad Mughis ad-Dîn
title: from 1223 - 1245, Картское царство, царица
other: Ghias Ad-din ou Muhammad Mughis ad-Dîn , Отказ от Гиаса Ад-дина
death: 1245, Монгольская империя
burial: Светицховели, Мцхета, Картовское царство

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