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Jacob Bradley Fulbright b. 1786

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Lineage Vollbrecht
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Jacob Bradley Fulbright

William Fulbright [Vollbrecht] b. about 1755 d. 1803

Barbary ? (Fulbright) [?] b. about 1760 d. 15 December 1843


1786 birth: Lincoln County (North Carolina), United States

marriage: Susan Lavada Moser (Fulbright) [Moser] b. 1786

1817 child birth: Lincoln (North Carolina), Joseph Washington Fulbright [Vollbrecht] b. 1817 d. 22 December 1901

death: Independence County (Arkansas), United States

From grandparents to grandchildren

Andreas Vollbrecht (Fulbright)
birth: Germany
death: about 1778, North Carolina, United States
William Fulbright
birth: about 1755, Northampton County (Pennsylvania)
marriage: Barbary ? (Fulbright)
death: 1803, North Carolina, United States
Barbary ? (Fulbright)
birth: about 1760
marriage: William Fulbright
death: 15 December 1843, Independence County (Arkansas), Arkansas, United States
== 3 ==
Jacob Bradley Fulbright
birth: 1786, Lincoln County (North Carolina), United States
marriage: Susan Lavada Moser (Fulbright)
death: Independence County (Arkansas), United States
== 3 ==
Susan Moser (Fulbright)
birth: 1817, North Carolina, United States
marriage: Joseph Washington Fulbright
death: 1885, Arkansas, United States
Joseph Washington Fulbright
birth: 1817, Lincoln (North Carolina)
marriage: Susan Moser (Fulbright)
death: 22 December 1901, Mount Pleasant (Arkansas), United States
Richard Jackson Stroud
birth: 26 September 1837, Tennessee, United States
marriage: Louisa A. Fulbright (Stroud)
death: 3 February 1904, Izard County, Arkansas, United States
Louisa A. Fulbright (Stroud)
birth: 1842, Independence County (Arkansas)
marriage: Richard Jackson Stroud

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