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Nancy Artimecia Totten (Southworth) b. about 1580

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Lineage Totten
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Nancy Artimecia Totten
Other last names Southworth


about 1580 birth: England

marriage: Thomas Southworth [Southworth] b. 1577 d. 1617

1615 child birth: Leiden, Netherlands, Thomas Southard [Southworth] b. 1615 d. 1688

death: England

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Thomas Southworth
birth: 1577, Samlesbury, Lancashire (England)
marriage: Nancy Artimecia Totten (Southworth)
death: 1617
Nancy Artimecia Totten (Southworth)
birth: about 1580, England
marriage: Thomas Southworth
death: England
== 1 ==
Annica Antonise Jansen (Southard) van Salee
birth: 1632, New Amsterdam, New Netherland
marriage: Thomas Southard
death: 1698, Hempstead (New York)
Thomas Southard
birth: 1615, Leiden, Netherlands
marriage: Annica Antonise Jansen (Southard) van Salee
death: 1688, Hempstead (New York)
Frances Champion (Southard)
birth: 1661, Poughkeepsie (New York), New Netherland
marriage: Thomas Southard
death: 11 April 1757, East Fishkill (New York)
Thomas Southard
birth: 1660, Hempstead (New York), New Netherland
marriage: Frances Champion (Southard)
death: 10 March 1739, East Fishkill (New York)

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