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Lou Southard b. 25 February 1891 d. June 1973

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Lineage Southworth
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Lou Southard

Joseph William Southard [Southworth] b. 14 April 1854 d. 10 May 1918

Sarah A. Stroud (Southard) [Strode] b. 2 January 1869 d. 12 August 1933


25 February 1891 birth:

child birth: Russell Southard [Southworth]

child birth: Stewart Southard [Southworth]

child birth: Howard Southard [Southworth]

marriage: Bethel Anderson (Southard) [Anderson] b. 13 December 1892 d. January 1991

20 September 1918 child birth: New York City, United States, Kendall Lou Southard [Southworth] b. 20 September 1918 d. 6 May 1991

June 1973 death: Oneonta (New York), United States

From grandparents to grandchildren

James Micajah Southard
birth: 3 October 1825, Burke County (North Carolina), United States
marriage: Rachel Arminda Doan (Southard)
death: 18 November 1869, Independence County (Arkansas), United States
Rachel Arminda Doan (Southard)
birth: 24 August 1834, McMinn County (Tennessee), United States
marriage: James Micajah Southard
death: 9 May 1909, Arkansas, United States, Sandtown, Arkansas
Richard Jackson Stroud
birth: 26 September 1837, Tennessee, United States
marriage: Louisa A. Fulbright (Stroud)
death: 3 February 1904, Izard County, Arkansas, United States
Louisa A. Fulbright (Stroud)
birth: 1842, Independence County (Arkansas)
marriage: Richard Jackson Stroud
Joseph William Southard
birth: 14 April 1854, Tennessee, United States
marriage: Sarah A. Stroud (Southard)
death: 10 May 1918, Montgomery County (Arkansas), Arkansas
Sarah A. Stroud (Southard)
birth: 2 January 1869, Independence County (Arkansas)
marriage: Joseph William Southard
death: 12 August 1933, Montgomery County (Arkansas)
== 3 ==
Bethel Anderson (Southard)
birth: 13 December 1892
marriage: Lou Southard
death: January 1991
Lou Southard
birth: 25 February 1891
marriage: Bethel Anderson (Southard)
death: June 1973, Oneonta (New York), United States
== 3 ==
Georgia Smith (Southard, Polhemus)
birth: 4 August 1926, Schenectady (New York), United States
marriage: Kendall Lou Southard
divorce: Kendall Lou Southard
marriage: William DeWitt Polhemus
death: 27 April 2019, Columbia (South Carolina), United States
Kendall Lou Southard
birth: 20 September 1918, New York City, United States
marriage: Georgia Smith (Southard, Polhemus)
divorce: Georgia Smith (Southard, Polhemus)
death: 6 May 1991, Otego (town New York), United States

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