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Lawrence Washington b. 1601 d. 1652

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Lineage Washington
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Lawrence Washington

Lawrence Washington [Washington] b. 1568 d. 1616

Margaret Butler (Washington) [Butler] b. 1568 d. 1652


1601 birth:

14 March 1633 child birth: Purleigh, Essex (England), John Washington [Washington] b. 14 March 1633 d. September 1677

1652 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Robert Washington
birth: 1544, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England
death: 1620, Nether Boddington, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth Light (Washington)
birth: Radway, Warwickshire, England, Radway Grange
death: 1599
William Butler
birth: 1542, Cuckfield, Sussex (England), Tyes Hall
death: 1565, Cuckfield, Sussex (England), Tyes Hall
Lawrence Washington
birth: 1568, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire, England, Sulgrave Manor
death: 1616, Brington (Northamptonshire), England
Margaret Butler (Washington)
birth: 1568, Cuckfield, Sussex (England), Tyes Hall
death: 1652, Northampton (England)
== 3 ==
Richard Washington
birth: 1592, Brington (Northamptonshire), England
birth: 8 January 1642, King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, England
Lawrence Washington
birth: 1601
death: 1652
== 3 ==
Anne Pope
birth: 1635, St. Mary's City (Maryland)
marriage: John Washington , Westmoreland County (Virginia)
death: Colonial Beach (Virginia), Westmoreland County (Virginia), George Washington Birthplace National Monument, 1668/1669
burial: 1668, Westmoreland County (Virginia)
John Washington
birth: 14 March 1633, Purleigh, Essex (England)
marriage: Anne Pope , Westmoreland County (Virginia)
death: September 1677, Westmoreland County (Virginia), British America
Mildred Warner
birth: 1671
marriage: Lawrence Washington , Prob Warner Hall, Gloucester Co, Virginia
death: 1743
Lawrence Washington
birth: 1659, Virginia, United States
marriage: Mildred Warner , Prob Warner Hall, Gloucester Co, Virginia
death: 1698, Virginia, United States
Anne Washington
birth: September 1659, Virginia, Lower Macodoc, Westmoreland
death: (Washington, Westmoreland, Va ?) 1697/1698
burial: Popes Creek (Virginia), Westmoreland County (Virginia), Washington Homestead
Unknown Washington
birth: 1654, Virginia
death: 1654
Ψ Unknown Washington
birth: 1656, Virginia
death: 1656, Westmoreland County (Virginia)
Richard Washington
birth: 5 September 1660, Surry, Prince George, Va.
death: 9 November 1774, Surry, Prince George, Va. Will Proved
John Washington
birth: 1661, Westmoreland County (Virginia), Bridge Creek
death: 23 February 1698, Westmoreland County (Virginia)

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