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Agnes (Wife of Louis Brienne) Beaumont b. about 1230 d. 9 May 1301

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Lineage Beaumont-au-Maine
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Agnes (Wife of Louis Brienne) Beaumont

w Raoul VIII de Beaumont-au-Maine [Beaumont] d. 1242

Agnès ? (Épouse de Raoul VIII de Beaumont-au-Maine) [?]


about 1230 birth:

12 February 1253 marriage: Louis Brienne (d'Acre) [Brienne] b. about 1235 d. after September 1297

about 1255 child birth: Marie de Brienne [Brienne] b. about 1255 d. about 1340

about 1260 child birth: Jeanne de Brienne [Brienne] b. about 1260 d. 1323

1260 child birth: Jean II de Brienne [Brienne] b. 1260 d. 1306

about 1265 child birth: Henry Beaumont [Brienne] b. about 1265 d. 10 May 1340

9 May 1301 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ermengarde de Beaumont
birth: about 1170
death: 11 February 1233
Constance de Beaumont-au-Maine
birth: 1178, Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England
marriage: Roger IV de Tosny
== 3 ==
Louis Brienne (d'Acre)
birth: about 1235, Lincolnshire (England), Bartant
marriage: Agnes (Wife of Louis Brienne) Beaumont
death: after September 1297
== 3 ==
Henri III d'Avaugour
birth: 1260
title: Comte d'Avaugour
marriage: Marie de Brienne
death: 1301
Marie de Brienne
birth: about 1255
marriage: Henri III d'Avaugour
death: about 1340
Henry Beaumont
birth: about 1265
title: Earl of Buchan
title: Justiciar of Scotland
marriage: Alicia Comyn
death: 10 May 1340
Guy de Montmorency-Laval (Guy VIII)
birth: 1245
title: Châtillon-en-Vendelais (35), seigneur de Châtillon-en-Vendelais
title: Loué (72), seigneur de Loué
title: Olivet (53), seigneur d'Olivet
title: Aubigné (35), seigneur d'Aubigné
title: Vitré (35), baron de Vitré
marriage: w Isabelle de Beaumont-Gâtinais
title: 1265, Laval (53), seigneur de Laval
marriage: Jeanne de Brienne
death: 22 August 1295, L'Isle-Jourdain (86)
Jeanne de Brienne
birth: about 1260
marriage: Guy de Montmorency-Laval (Guy VIII)
title: 1286, Dame de Laval, de Châtillon-en-Vendelais, de Loué, d'Olivet, d'Aubigné et Baronne de Vitré
death: 1323
Guy IX de Montmorency-Laval
birth: about 1270
title: 22 August 1295, Seigneur de Laval, d'Acquigny, Vicomte de Rennes, Comte de Caserte et Baron de Vitré
marriage: Béatrix de Gâvre
death: 22 January 1333
Guillaume de Montmorency-Laval
title: Seigneur de Passy-sur-Marne
death: 1283
André de Montmorency-Laval
birth: after 1292
title: after 1292, Seigneur de Châtillon-en-Vendelais, d'Aubigné, de Loué, Olivet, Montsûrs, Meslay, Courbeveille et Bouère.
death: after 1370
Jeanne d'Harcourt
birth: 1275
title: Dame de l'Aigle
marriage: Henri IV d'Avaugour
death: 1346
Henri IV d'Avaugour
birth: 1283
title: Comte d'Avaugour
marriage: Jeanne d'Harcourt
death: 1334
Guillaume d'Avaugour
birth: 1285
death: 1343
Henry of Grosmont (1. Duke of Lancaster)
birth: about 1310, Grosmont (Monmouthshire), Grosmont Castle
marriage: Isabella de Beaumont
death: 23 March 1361
Guy de Montmorency-Laval
title: 1324, Evêque de Quimper
title: 1326, Evêque du Mans
death: April 1378
Louis de Montmorency-Laval
title: Aubigné (35), seigneur d'Aubigné
death: after 1323
Marie de Craon
birth: about 1281
marriage: Robert de Brienne , Paris
death: 21 August 1322
Robert de Brienne
birth: about 1280
marriage: Marie de Craon , Paris
death: 28 September 1327
Eleanor Plantagenet
birth: 11 September 1318
marriage count: 1-й муж Джон де Бомонт, 2-й барон Бомонт
marriage count: 2-й муж Ричард Фицалан, 10-й граф Арундел
marriage: w Richard FitzAlan
marriage: w John de Beaumont
death: 11 January 1372
John de Beaumont
birth: 1318
title: барон
other: (2-й барон Бомонт)
marriage: Eleanor Plantagenet
death: 1342

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