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Isabella FitzGuy (de Monthiery)

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Lineage Montlhéry
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Isabella FitzGuy
Other last names de Monthiery

w Guy I de Monthiery (Montlhery) [Montlhéry] b. about 1010 d. 1095

Hodierne (Hodierna) de Gometz [Gometz]


child birth: Hodierne de Courtenay [Courtenay]

child birth: Renaud de Courtenay [Courtenay] d. 1133

child birth: Geoffroy de Courtenay [Courtenay] d. 1137

child birth: Joscelin I de Courtenay (Edessa) [Courtenay] d. 1131

1065 marriage: Joscelin Courtenay [Courtenay] b. 1034 d. 1075

1065 title: Dame de Courtenay

1069 child birth: Courtenay (Loiret), France, Milo de Courtenay [Courtenay] b. 1069 d. 1138

From grandparents to grandchildren

Bouchard le Barbu
birth: estimated 980
title: Montmorency (95), seigneur de Montmorency
title: Écouen (95), seigneur d'Écouen
title: Marly-le-Roi (78), seigneur de Marly-le-Roi
title: seigneur de Feuillarde et de Château-Basset.
marriage: Ildelinde van Basset
death: 1012
Thibaud de Montlhéry (File Etoupe)
birth: about 970
death: 1031
Guy I de Monthiery (Montlhery)
birth: about 1010
title: Chevalier et seigneur de Montlhèry et de Bray, châtelain de Rochefort-en-Yvelines
marriage: Hodierne (Hodierna) de Gometz
death: 1095
== 3 ==
Milo I (Miles) de Monthiery
title: between 1095 and 1102, Loord Monthlery
death: 1102
Guy II de Montlhéry (Guy Ier de Rochefort, dit le Rouge)
birth: about 1055
title: Comte de Rochefort, seigneur de Chevreuse, de Châteaufort, de Gournay-sur-Marne et de Crécy-en-Brie, châtelain de Brétencourt
marriage: Adélaïde de Rochefort
marriage: Элизабет из Креси
death: 1108
Joscelin Courtenay
title: about 1000, Courtenay (Loiret), Seigneur de Courtenay
birth: 1034, Courtenay (Loiret), France
marriage: Hildegarde Gastaing (Gastinois)
marriage: Isabella FitzGuy (de Monthiery)
death: 1075, Courtenay (Loiret), France
== 3 ==
Milo de Courtenay
birth: 1069, Courtenay (Loiret), France
marriage: Irmgarde Auxerre (de Nevers)
death: 1138, seigneur de Courtenay
title: 1175, Courtenay (Loiret), France
Renaud de Courtenay
birth: 1100, Courtenay (Loiret)
title: France, Seigneur de Courtenay, Château-Renard, Bléneau, Tanlay, Charny (Yonne),
marriage: Maude FitzEdith
title: 1161, Lord of Sutton
fact 1: 1172, he accompanied King Henry II in the Irish Expedition to County Wexford.
death: 27 September 1194

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