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Bodilon de Trèves b. about 600 d. after 643

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Lineage Trier
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Bodilon de Trèves

? de Trèves [Trèves] b. about 575

Reference numbers GEDCOM::AugustaGall.ged::INDI @I3073@::SylvainComte


about 600 birth: Austrasia, France

marriage: Sigrade de Schelde [Gens Syagria] b. estimated 605 d. after 677

about 625 child birth: Adèle de Trèves [Trèves] b. about 625

about 630 child birth: Autun, France, Guerin (Warine) de Trèves (de Poitiers) [Trier] b. about 630 d. 677

from 643 - occupation: Le Mans, France, religieux

after 643 death: France


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descend de Saint Liutwin, évèque de Trèves

From grandparents to grandchildren

? de Trèves
birth: about 575
title: maire du palais de Neustrie
death: (Oui)
== 2 ==
Sigrade de Schelde
birth: estimated 605
marriage: Bodilon de Trèves
death: after 677
Bodilon de Trèves
birth: about 600, Austrasia, France
marriage: Sigrade de Schelde
occupation: from 643 -, Le Mans, France, religieux
death: after 643, France
== 2 ==
birth: estimated 620
Adèle de Trèves
birth: about 625
Gunza ? (de Metz)
birth: about 635
Guerin (Warine) de Trèves (de Poitiers)
birth: about 630, Autun, France
title: Comte de Poitiers
death: 677, Trier, Germany
Liévin de Trèves (Saint-Liévin)
birth: about 660
title: Evêque de Trèves
marriage: Willigarde de Bavière
death: 722

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