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Sulpicie de Turenne b. about 935

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Lineage Turenne
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Sulpicie de Turenne

Bernard de Turenne [Turenne] b. about 915 d. 981

Deda [?]



about 935 birth:

title: vicomtesse de Turenne

before December 951 marriage: Archambaud 'the Stumbler' de Turenne (de Comborn) [Turenne]

about 953 child birth: Ebles I de Turenne (de Comborn) [Turenne] b. about 953 d. between 1030 and 1034

[edit] Sources

  1. Genealogics. Sulpicie de Turenne -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adhemar I de Turenne (du Quercy)
title: Vicomte des Echelles, Comte du Quercy
death: 945
Bernard de Turenne
birth: about 915
title: vicomte de Turenne
death: 981
== 3 ==
Archambaud 'the Stumbler' de Turenne (de Comborn)
title: Vicomte de Comborn, Ventadour et Turenne
title: vicomte de Ventadour
title: vicomte de Turenne
marriage: Sulpicie de Turenne
== 3 ==
Beatrice of Normandy (FitzRichard)
birth: 980
ordination: as widow abbess of Montvilliers
marriage: Ebles I de Turenne (de Comborn)
death: 18 January 1035
Ebles I de Turenne (de Comborn)
birth: about 953
title: Vicomte de Comborn & Turenne
title: Turenne (Corrèze), vicomte de Turenne
marriage: Beatrice of Normandy (FitzRichard)
death: between 1030 and 1034
Guillaume (William) de Turenne
birth: about 995
title: vicomte de Turenne
other: 1000, Mentioned
death: 1037
Archambaud II de Turenne (de Comborn)
title: Vicomte de Comborn
marriage: Rotberge de Rochechouart
death: before 1038, (in battle)

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