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William IV d'Angouleme d. 1178

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Lineage Taillefer
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William IV d'Angouleme
Other given names Guillaume IV d'Angouleme

w Vulgrin II Taillefer d'Angoulême [Taillefer]



child birth: w Vulgrin of Angoulême [Taillefer] d. 29 June 1181

child birth: Aldemodis d'Angoulême [Taillefer]

title: comte d’Angoulême

marriage: Margarite de Turenne [Turenne] b. 1117 d. 1173

about 1160 child birth: Angoulême, Ademar Taillefer (de Angouleme) [Taillefer] b. about 1160 d. between 16 June 1202 and 16 June 1217

1178 death:

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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
William IV d'Angouleme
title: comte d’Angoulême
marriage: Margarite de Turenne
death: 1178
== 3 ==
Ademar V (Aimar) ? (of Limoges)
birth: 1135
title: from 1148 - 1199, виконт Лиможский
marriage: Sarah de Dunstanville (de Cornouailles)
death: 1199
Alice Courtenay
birth: about 1160, Courtenay (Loiret), France
marriage: w Wilhelm I von Joigny
marriage: Ademar Taillefer (de Angouleme)
divorce: w Wilhelm I von Joigny
death: 12 February 1218, Angoulême, France
Ademar Taillefer (de Angouleme)
birth: about 1160, Angoulême
title: граф Ангулема
marriage: Alice Courtenay
death: between 16 June 1202 and 16 June 1217
Vulgrin of Angoulême
death: 29 June 1181
John Plantagenet ("Lackland")
birth: 24 December 1166, Oxford (England)
marriage: w Isabelle de Gloucester , Marlborough (Wiltshire)
marriage: Agatha de Ferrers
annulment: w Isabelle de Gloucester
title: from 6 April 1199 - 19 October 1216, King of England
other: 27 May 1199, Count of Maine
title: from September 1199 - 1216, Chinon, Count of Mortain
marriage: Isabelle Taillefer (van Angouleme)
death: 18 October 1216, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England, Newark Castle
Hugh X Le Brun de Lusignan
birth: 1185
title: Earl of March
title: Comte de la Marche
title: Comte d'Angoulême
marriage: Isabelle Taillefer (van Angouleme)
death: 1249, Damietta, Egypt
burial: Couhé, France, Valence abbey
Isabelle Taillefer (van Angouleme)
birth: 26 May 1189, Angoulême, France
marriage: John Plantagenet ("Lackland")
title: 24 August 1200, Bordeaux, Reine d'Angleterre, Dame d'Irlande et Duchesse d'Aquitaine et de Normandie
other: 8 October 1200, London, Sacre
marriage: Hugh X Le Brun de Lusignan
death: 31 May 1246, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France, Fontevraud Abbey
Pucelle d'Albret
marriage: w Roger de Fézensaguet
title: 1215, Vicomtesse de Fézensaguet
Amanieu d'Albret (Amanieu V)
birth: between 1165 and 1170
title: 1209, Sire d'Albret
death: 1270

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