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Roger d'Aubigny b. 1036 d. 1084

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Lineage Aubigny
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Roger d'Aubigny
Other given names Pincerna

Adeliza FitzOsulf du Plessis [du Plessis]

William Aubigny (de Cotentin) [Aubigny]



1036 birth: Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny, Manche, Normandie, France

child birth: w Nigel d'Aubigny [Aubigny] d. 1129

title: сеньор д'Иври

about 1064 child birth: Aubigny-sur-Nère, William "Pincerna" Albini [Aubigny] b. about 1064 d. 1139

1084 death: St Sauveur, Manche, Normandie, France


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Osulf "fil Frane" du Plessis
birth: about 979
title: Lord Belvoir
death: 1067
Niel III St. Sauveur
birth: 985, Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, France
marriage: Adela d'Eu (Brionne)
Adeliza FitzOsulf du Plessis
birth: Le Plessis (61)
title: Heiress of Belvoir
marriage: William Aubigny (de Cotentin)
death: Belvoir (Leicestershire), England, Belvoir Castle
burial: Belvoir (Leicestershire), England, St. Mary's Priory
William de St.Sauveur (de Bosco Rohardi)
birth: Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny, Normandy
== 3 ==
Alice de Grandmesnil
death: about 1110
Roger d'Aubigny
birth: 1036, Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny, Manche, Normandie, France
title: сеньор д'Иври
death: 1084, St Sauveur, Manche, Normandie, France
== 3 ==
Maud (Matilda) Bigod
birth: Belvoir (Leicestershire), England
William "Pincerna" Albini
birth: about 1064, Aubigny-sur-Nère
title: Pincerna Regis
title: Lord of Buckenham
occupation: Master Butler of the Royal household
death: 1139, Norfolk (England), Buckenham Wayland
Nigel d'Aubigny
title: Baron de Thirsk, 3rd
title: Baron de Mowbray, 1st
marriage: Gundred de Gournay
death: 1129
William d'Aubigny (de Arundel)
birth: Arundel (England)
title: Earl Arundel
death: 12 October 1176, Waverly, Surrey, England
Roger de Montbray
birth: after 1118
title: estimated 1150, Montbray (50), Seigneur de Montbray
death: 1188

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