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Šventaragis (Swanteregis) ? (Grand Duke of Lithuania) b. between 1095 and 1100 d. 1148

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Lineage Centaurini
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Šventaragis (Swanteregis) ?
Other last names Grand Duke of Lithuania
Other given names Свинторог

Uthenius (Utenis) (Odennes) ? (Duke of Lithuania and Samogitia) [Centaurini]


child birth: Skirmantas ? (Grand Duke of Lithuania) [Swerker]

child birth: w Blot-Sweyn [Swerker] d. 1087

estimated 1055 child birth: w Helena (Elen) Maer (Sister of Blot-Sven) [Swerker] b. estimated 1055 d. after 1105

between 1095 and 1100 birth:

1148 death:


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Legendary Duke of Lithuania and zhemaytskyy kind of Kytovrasa (beginning XIII.?), That ancestor Dovsprunka and Mindaugas. With its tradition of rule changes linked to pagan cult

From grandparents to grandchildren

Cucorvaitis ? (Duke of Lithuania)
title: Великий Князь Литовський і Жемайтійський
== 3 ==
Šventaragis (Swanteregis) ? (Grand Duke of Lithuania)
birth: between 1095 and 1100
death: 1148
== 3 ==
Inge I (Ingald) Stenkil
birth: 1060
title: from 1087 - 1110, король Швеции
death: about 1110
Helena (Elen) Maer (Sister of Blot-Sven)
birth: estimated 1055
title: королева-консорт Швеции
death: after 1105, Эстергётланд, Schweden
title: from 1084 - 1087, король Швеции
death: 1087
Mstislav I Vladmirovich (the Great, Ruricovich-Monomach)
birth: 1 June 1076
title: from 1088 - 1093, князь новгородський
marriage: Christina ? (of Sweden)
title: from 1117 - 1125, князь переяславський
marriage: w Любава Дмитриевна Завидич
title: from 14 April 1125 - 1132, Великий Князь Київський
death: 14 April 1132

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