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Adlinsjah Jenie b. 8 May 1922

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Lineage Jenie
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Adlinsjah Jenie

Muhammad Jenie [Jenie] b. 24 October 1886 d. 2 June 1952

Siti Aisjah Sidi Tje [Sidi Tje] b. 25 June 1893 d. 2 March 1964

Reference numbers GEDCOM::Silsilah.GED::INDI @I014@::Chaerani


8 May 1922 birth:

child birth: Rinandi Pasha Jenie (Nandi) [?]

child birth: Rezlan Ishar Jenie (Rezi) [?]

child birth: Dharma Irawan Jenie [Jenie]

marriage: Chailan Sjamsoe [Sjamsoe] b. 26 February 1928

26 December 1953 child birth: Yangon, Myanmar, Indra Birmawan Jenie (Ade) [Jenie] b. 26 December 1953

4 November 1963 child birth: Bogor, West Jawa, Budi Pandawa Jenie [Jenie] b. 4 November 1963

From grandparents to grandchildren

Muhammad Jenie
birth: 24 October 1886, Sungai Limau, West Sumatra, Indonesia
marriage: Siti Aisjah Sidi Tje
title: 1930, Grote Bronsen Ster from Netherlands-Indies Government
death: 2 June 1952, Jakarta, Indonesia
Siti Aisjah Sidi Tje
birth: 25 June 1893, Pasir Baru, West Sumatra, Indonesia
marriage: Muhammad Jenie
death: 2 March 1964, Jakarta, Indonesia
== 2 ==
Abdoel Azir Jenie
birth: 17 July 1910
marriage: Sitti Noerzoewir
death: 1980, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Siti Sjamsiar Jenie
birth: 1 October 1912
Nahar Jenie
birth: 2 December 1915
marriage: ? Isbandiyah
Fatimah Jenie
birth: 27 February 1917
Siti Rohani Jenie
birth: 29 March 1918
Sjahniar Jenie
birth: 1 June 1921
Abdoelrazaq Jenie
birth: 30 January 1925
Siti Jenie
birth: 20 September 1925
Siti Sujatiah Jenie
birth: 23 April 1927
Siti Ida Djauhari Jenie
birth: 2 April 1935
marriage: Seno Sutedjo
death: 27 June 2006, Jakarta, Indonesia
== 2 ==
Indra Birmawan Jenie (Ade)
birth: 26 December 1953, Yangon, Myanmar
marriage: Ariet Widowati
Diana Asrial
birth: 19 February 1969, Jakarta, Indonesia
marriage: Budi Pandawa Jenie
Budi Pandawa Jenie
birth: 4 November 1963, Bogor, West Jawa
marriage: Diana Asrial
Ken Yudistira Jenie
birth: 6 December 1981, jakarta, indonesia
Anggi Sazika Jenie
birth: 15 October 1979, jakarta, indonesia
Syah Hasyim Jenie (Hasyim)
birth: 5 July 1997, Jakarta
Shania Inayah Jenie
birth: 10 December 1999, Jakarta, Indonesia
Syah Iman Jenie (Iman)
birth: 2 May 1993, Jakarta, Indonesia

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