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Stanisław Żółkiewski b. 1547 d. 7 October 1620

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Lineage Żółkiewski
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Stanisław Żółkiewski
Other given names Жолкевський

Станислав Жолкевский [Жолкевские] b. about 1520 d. 1588

Софія Липська [Липські]

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1547 birth: Turinka

child birth: Ян Жолкевський [Zolkiewsky]

child birth: Katarzyna Żółkiewska [Zolkiewsky] d. 1619

marriage: Regina Herburt (Żółkiewska) [Herburt]

about 1590 child birth: Zofia Żółkiewska (Daniłowicz) [Zolkiewsky] b. about 1590 d. 1634

7 October 1620 death: Mogilev


A Polish nobleman, magnate and military commander who took part in many campaigns both in Poland and on its southern and eastern border. He held a number of notable posts in the administration of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, including the castellan of Lwów (from 1590), voivod of Kijów Voivodship and Great Chancellor of the Crown (from 1618). Following 1588 he was also a Field Crown Hetman, in 1613 promoted to Grand Hetman of the Crown. During his lifetime he won major military victories against Muscovy, the Ottoman Empire and Tatars. He was first European invader of Russia to seize Moscow and the only one who captured the capital of this country.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Станіслав Жолкевській
title: підкоморій Бельзькій
Станислав Жолкевский
birth: about 1520
marriage: Софія Липська
title: галицький шляхтич, військовик та урядник Речі Посполитої.
title: мав посади галицького каштеляна (номінація 17 листопада 1580), белзького та руського воєводи (з 1586 р.).
death: 1588
== 3 ==
Stanisław Żółkiewski
birth: 1547, Turinka
marriage: Regina Herburt (Żółkiewska)
death: 7 October 1620, Mogilev
== 3 ==
Stanislaw Koniecpolski
birth: 9 February 1591, Koniecpol, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
marriage: Katarzyna Żółkiewska
military service: between 1618 and 1632, The Field Crown Hetman of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
marriage: Кристина Любомирская (Конецпольская)
military service: between 1632 and 11 March 1646, The Grand Crown Hetman of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
marriage: Зофия Людвика Опалинская (Конецпольская, Корецкая) , Gmina Rytwiany
death: 11 March 1646, Brody, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Mehmed Abaza
birth: 1576, Tunisia, Ottoman Empire
title: from 1618 - 1619, Wali of Aleppo
title: from 1619 - 1622, Beylerbey of Erzurum
title: from 1623 - 1628, Ruler of Independent Vilayet of Erzurum
title: from 1628 - 1631, Governor of Bosnia
military service: 1628, Kapudan Pasha
title: from 1631 - 1632, Governor of Silistra
title: 1633, Governor of Vidin
marriage: Koniecpolska , Iași, Moldavia
death: 23 August 1634, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, Executed on the orders of Sultan Murad IV
burial: 24 August 1634, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
birth: about 1616, Zolkva
marriage: Mehmed Abaza , Iași, Moldavia

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