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Mary Averleigh Jones b. 1708

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Lineage Jones
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mary Averleigh Jones

Richard Jones [Jones] b. 1666 d. 1721

Sary Misson (Legare) [Legare] b. before 1680


1708 birth: Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

1739 birth: Roxbury Township (New Jersey)

marriage: Moses Ayers [Ayers] b. 4 January 1706

May 1746 child birth: Lydia Jones Ayers [Ayers] b. May 1746


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard Jones
birth: 8 February 1641
marriage: w Margaret Cecil
death: 5 January 1712
Arthur Jones
birth: 1635, Gloucester (England)
residence: before 1663, Bermuda
residence: between 1663 and 1668, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
residence: between 1668 and 1692, Bermuda
occupation: between 1679 and 1692, Bermuda Councilman
occupation: before 1692, Sucessful cedar merchant. Juniperus Bermudiana
residence: between 1692 and 1696, Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar
other: December 1692, Signed aboard the Amity 1992 with Thomas Tew. Ships Crew and Manifest, Jamaica
death: about 1696, Barbados
Richard Coney
birth: 5 July 1646, London, England
Margaret Baratt Coney
birth: 1640, Walton-on-Thames
death: 1696
John Solomon Legare
birth: 1662
death: 1760
Martha Muscheon (Musteen) (Wyatt)
birth: 1673
death: 1698
Sarah Muscheon
birth: 1674, Maryland,
death: 12 February 1712, Charleston (South Carolina)
Richard Jones
birth: 1666, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
death: 1721, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
Sary Misson (Legare)
birth: before 1680
== 3 ==
Sarah Ann Jones
birth: before 1705, Isle of Wight (Virginia)
marriage: Thomas Muscheon (Moustain)
death: 1750, Edgecombe County (North Carolina)
Moses Ayers
birth: 4 January 1706, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey)
marriage: Mary Averleigh Jones
Mary Averleigh Jones
birth: 1708, Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar
birth: 1739, Roxbury Township (New Jersey)
marriage: Moses Ayers
== 3 ==
Lydia Jones Ayers
birth: May 1746

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