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Smbat VII Bagratuni (The Confessor) b. estimated 725 d. 25 April 775

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Lineage Bagratuni
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Smbat VII Bagratuni
Other last names The Confessor
Other given names Самбат VII

w Ashot The Blind [Bagration-Tao] d. 761

Wiki-page wikipedia:Smbat VII Bagratuni


estimated 725 birth:

child birth: Ашот IV Баграт [Баграти] d. 826

caste: sparapet (commandant en chef des armées)

marriage: --- Mamikonian (Bagration) [Mamikonian]

from 761 - 772 title: prince d’Arménie

25 April 775 death: Bagrevand


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[edit] Sources

  1. - * Voir, les premiers princes Bagratides ou Bagratouni
  2. - * Voir, généalogie des Bagratides en Arménie
  3. - * Voir, princes d'Arménie et gouverneurs

From grandparents to grandchildren

Smbat VI
birth: about 670
title: from 691 - 711, prince d'Arménie
title: about 698, curopalate
death: 726
Vasak Bagratuni
birth: estimated 655
death: 775
Ashot The Blind
title: from 732 - 750, царь Армении
death: 761
== 3 ==
Васак Багратов
title: Таронская область, Хайское царство, prince arménien de Taron
marriage: Daughter of Guaram III
death: between 772 and 775, Хайское царство
Smbat VII Bagratuni (The Confessor)
birth: estimated 725
caste: sparapet (commandant en chef des armées)
marriage: --- Mamikonian (Bagration)
title: from 761 - 772, prince d’Arménie
death: 25 April 775, Bagrevand
== 3 ==
Ашот IV Баграт
title: from 775 - 826, Таронське князівство, Вірменське господарство, таронський князь
caste: from 775 - 826, Вірменське господарство, спарапет
title: from 806 - 826, Вірменське господарство, князь князів
death: 826, Вірменське господарство
Hamazasp II
marriage: Bagratuni (Daughter of Ashot Msaker)
title: from 790 - 836, Príncipe de Vaspurakan
death: about 836
Bagratuni (Daughter of Ashot Msaker)
title: princesse par naissance
title: princesse par mariage
marriage: Hamazasp II
Smbat The Confessor (Sparapet of Sper and Tayk)
marriage: Hripsima (Bagration)
caste: from 826 - 856, Вірменське господарство, спарапет
death: 862, 862?

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