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Gerard I of Paris b. estimated 725 d. 779

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Lineage Girardi
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gerard I of Paris
Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Gerard I of Paris


estimated 725 birth:

marriage: Rothrude [-] b. estimated 735

747 title: Comte de Paris

about 754 child birth: w Étienne de Paris [Girardi] b. about 754 d. 815

estimated 760 child birth: w Leuthard Roussillion (de Frezensac) [Girardi] b. estimated 760 d. after 3 January 816

estimated 765 child birth: w Beggo, Count of Toulouse - [Girardi] b. estimated 765 d. 28 October 816

779 death:


747 Graaf van Parijs

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
birth: estimated 735
marriage: Gerard I of Paris
Gerard I of Paris
birth: estimated 725
marriage: Rothrude
title: 747, Comte de Paris
death: 779
== 1 ==
Beggo, Count of Toulouse -
birth: estimated 765
title: marquis de Septimanie
title: comte de Toulouse
title: comte de Paris
marriage: Alpaïs de France
death: 28 October 816
Grimhildis ? (de Aquitaine)
birth: estimated 775
Leuthard Roussillion (de Frezensac)
birth: estimated 760
title: comte de Paris
title: comte de Fézensac
death: after 3 January 816
Étienne de Paris
birth: about 754
death: 815
Одо Орлеанский Агилульфин
birth: between 770 and 790, Франковское королевство
title: Орлеанское воеводство, Франковское королевство, орлеанский воевода (герцог)
marriage: Энгельтруда Парижская Гирардович
death: about June 834, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство
Энгельтруда Парижская Гирардович
birth: estimated 790, Франковское королевство
marriage: Одо Орлеанский Агилульфин
death: 850, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство
Wulfhard de Flavigny
birth: estimated 785
occupation: Graaf van Flavigny, Flavigny
marriage: Susanna of Paris
Gerald II Roussillion (de Tours)
birth: estimated 800
marriage: Bertha of Tours , Aken (Elbe)
death: 874
burial: Avignon
Adalhard von Metz
birth: before 817
death: after 865

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