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Marie Schleinzer b. 25 March 1874 d. 1 June 1949

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Lineage Schleinzer
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Marie Schleinzer

Josef Schleinzer [Schleinzer] b. 2 February 1827

Katarina Adam [Adam] b. 21 June 1842



25 March 1874 birth: Reindorf, Wien, Österreich

marriage: Otto Franz Joseph Karl Ludwig Maria of Austria [Habsburg-Lorraine] b. 21 April 1865 d. 1 November 1906

8 April 1874 baptism: Pfarrkirche Reindorf

10 November 1892 child birth: Niedersigen, Germany, Alfred Joseph von Hortenau [Habsburg-Lorraine] b. 10 November 1892 d. 1956

7 March 1894 child birth: Vienna (Austria), Hildegard von Hortenau [Habsburg-Lorraine] b. 7 March 1894

23 May 1903 marriage: Julius von Hortenau [Hortenau] b. 21 January 1868

1 June 1949 death: Opatija, Kroatien

[edit] Sources

  1. Pfarre Reindorf, Taufbuch 1874, Fol.165 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Johann Adam
marriage: Barbara Baumgartner
occupation: Landwehrmann
Josef Schleinzer
birth: 2 February 1827, Zellerndorf
marriage: Katarina Adam
occupation: Kürschnermeister
Katarina Adam
birth: 21 June 1842, Znojmo
marriage: Josef Schleinzer
occupation: Wirtschafterin
== 3 ==
Julius von Hortenau
birth: 21 January 1868
graduation: Doktor der Medizin
marriage: Marie Schleinzer
Marie Schleinzer
birth: 25 March 1874, Reindorf, Wien, Österreich
marriage: Otto Franz Joseph Karl Ludwig Maria of Austria
baptism: 8 April 1874, Pfarrkirche Reindorf
marriage: Julius von Hortenau
death: 1 June 1949, Opatija, Kroatien
== 3 ==
Karl I Franz Josef Ludwig Hubert Georg Maria of Habsburg-Lorraine
birth: 17 August 1887, Persenbeug-Gottsdorf, Lower Austria, Austria
marriage: Zita Maria Delle Grazie Adelgonda Micaela Raffaela Gabriella Giuseppina Antonia Luisa Agnese di Borbone di Parma , Schwarzau am Steinfeld, Austria
title: 22 November 1916, Kaiser von Österreich
other: 1 November 1918, abdication
death: 1 November 1922, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Nossa Senhora do Monte
birth: 1893
marriage: Richard Böhler
death: 1966
birth: 2 June 1896
marriage: Alfred Joseph von Hortenau
death: 1962
Alfred Joseph von Hortenau
birth: 10 November 1892, Niedersigen, Germany
marriage: Elizabeth
death: 1956, Pinellas County (Florida), USA
Hildegard von Hortenau
birth: 7 March 1894, Vienna (Austria)
marriage: Mihály Pál Kuczor
Elisabeth von Hortenau
birth: 7 August 1921, Hinterbrühl, Österreich
marriage: N de Lanett

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