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Warmerius (Garnier) de Borges (Loches) b. 862 d. before 929

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Lineage Loches
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Warmerius (Garnier) de Borges
Other last names Loches
Other given names Hugh

Adard de Loches [Loches] b. estimated 820



862 birth:

estimated 890 child birth: Loches, France, Roscilla de Vilentras [Loches] b. estimated 890

before 929 death:



[edit] Sources

  1. Christian Settipani & Patrick van Kerrebrouck, Capetiens 481-987, pg. 312. -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adard de Loches
birth: estimated 820
== 2 ==
birth: estimated 865
death: before 929
Warmerius (Garnier) de Borges (Loches)
birth: 862
death: before 929
== 2 ==
Fulk I d'Anjou
birth: 888
marriage: Roscilla de Vilentras
title: between 930 and 942, Comte d'Anjou
death: 942
Roscilla de Vilentras
birth: estimated 890, Loches, France
marriage: Fulk I d'Anjou
Roscille de Blois
birth: 925
marriage: Alain II de Bretagne
title: 948, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Nantes
marriage: Foulque II d'Anjou (de Goede)
title: 954, Comtesse d'Anjou
Gerberga ? (Rorgonid)
birth: estimated 920, Maine, França
title: 937, Comtesse héritière d'Anjou
marriage: Foulque II d'Anjou (de Goede)
title: 942, Comtesse d'Anjou
death: before 951
Foulque II d'Anjou (de Goede)
birth: about 909, Anjou, France
marriage: Gerberga ? (Rorgonid)
title: 942, Angers, Graf von Anjou
marriage: Roscille de Blois
death: 960
Alain II de Bretagne
birth: 910, Comte de Vannes
title: Kont Poc'hêr
marriage: Judit
marriage: Roscille d'Anjou
title: from 936 - 952, Dug Breizh
title: 938, Comte de Nantes
marriage: Roscille de Blois
death: 952
Roscille d'Anjou
birth: 906, Anjou, France
marriage: Alain II de Bretagne
title: 925, Princesse de Bretagne
title: 936, Duchesse de Bretagne
title: 938, Comtesse de Nantes
death: 948
Ingelger II Anjou
birth: 905
death: 927

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