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Paulus Orosius (Gallus) b. 375 d. 418

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Lineage Gallus
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Paulus Orosius
Other last names Gallus

Paulus Gallus [Gallus]



375 birth:

418 death:

[edit] Sources

  1. The seven books of history against the pagans: Paulus Orosius -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Anna Nepos
birth: Balearic Islands
Herod (Hairan) Septimius Palmyra (Sigi Odinsson)
birth: about 230
death: 267, Assasination
Herod Septimius Palmyra (Hodr, Hermod, Hairan)
birth: about 230, Palmyra
other: co-king of Palmyra, Palmyra
death: 267, Palmyra, assassination
Lucius Julius Aurelius Septimius Vaballathus Athenodorus ? (Balder Odinsson)
birth: 260
residence: Bellus, Vall d'Albaida, Valencia, Spain
title: 273, King of Palmyra
other: 274, Exile
Josephus Phaetus Gallus
birth: after 274
residence: Atlantic Islands
Gallia Zenobia
birth: about 280
== 3 ==
Paulus Orosius (Gallus)
birth: 375
death: 418
== 3 ==

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