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Nikolas Comes b. between 900 and 915

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Lineage Cometopuli
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Nikolas Comes
Wiki-page wikipedia:Nicholas (komes)


between 900 and 915 birth:

title: comte (en grec komes)

marriage: Ripsimia [Bagratuni] b. estimated 925 d. 993

estimated 940 child birth: w Aron Cometopuli [Cometopuli] b. estimated 940 d. 14 June 987

estimated 950 child birth: Болгарское царство, Самуил Болгарский [Комитопулы] b. estimated 950 d. 6 October 1014


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Bulgarian governor of Sofia. According to some sourcesRef needed ! he was a Byzantine officer of Armenian origin, the Derjan province on the Euphrates, and he would have been governor of Macedonia.

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
birth: estimated 925
title: comtesse par mariage
title: princesse par naissance
marriage: Nikolas Comes
death: 993
Nikolas Comes
birth: between 900 and 915
title: comte (en grec komes)
marriage: Ripsimia
== 1 ==
Самуил Болгарский
birth: estimated 950, Болгарское царство
marriage: Agatha (Kosara) Chryselios
death: 6 October 1014, Болгарское царство
burial: St Acchilios kerk op een eiland in het Prespameer (N-Griekenland)
Aron Cometopuli
birth: estimated 940
death: 14 June 987
birth: estimated 975
title: князь Нитранский
marriage: Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
death: 1037
Katyn Anastasia van Bulgarije
birth: 978
marriage: Vazul
death: 6 October 1014
Gavril Radomir
marriage: Marguerite Tsaritsa
title: from October 1014 - September 1015, Emperor of Bulgaria
Maria - (Comitopouloï)
birth: estimated 975
marriage: Ivan ? (of Bulgaria)
title: from 1015 - 1018, impératrice consort de Bulgarie
title: 1019, zostē patrikia
death: after 1031, Constantinople
Ivan ? (of Bulgaria)
birth: estimated 965
marriage: Maria - (Comitopouloï)
title: from August 1015 - February 1018, tsar de l’empire de Bulgarie
death: February 1018, Durrës, anciennement Dyrrachium du premier tsarat de Bulgarie

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