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Лотарь I фон Вальбек b. about 902 d. 5 September 929

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Lineage Waldbeck
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Лотарь I фон Вальбек
Wiki-page wikipedia:nl:Lotharius I van Walbeck


about 902 birth:

estimated 920 child birth: Heliksuinda van Waldbeck [Waldbeck] b. estimated 920 d. 19 August 1015

5 September 929 death: Lenzen

estimated 930 child birth: w Лотарь II фон Вальбек и фон Штаде [Waldbeck] b. estimated 930 d. between 964 and 986


Лотар I фон Вальбек был прадедом Титмара из Мерзебурга , и его также часто путают в генеалогических источниках с другим прадедом Титмара с таким же именем, который был графом фон Штаде - Лотар II (874–929). Лотар фон Вальбек погиб, сражаясь со славянами в битве при Ленцене , как и Лотар фон Штаде в один день.

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Лотарь I фон Вальбек
birth: about 902
death: 5 September 929, Lenzen
== 1 ==
Berthold van Beieren
birth: estimated 915
title: Margrave de Nordgau
marriage: Heliksuinda van Waldbeck
death: 16 January 980, Schweinfurt
Heliksuinda van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 920
marriage: Berthold van Beieren
death: 19 August 1015
burial: dom van Schweinfurt
Sigfried (Sigefroid) of Luxembourg
birth: between 918 and 929
title: Comte de Luxembourg
marriage: Hedwig van de Nordgau
death: 28 August 998
Gerberge van Gleiberg
birth: estimated 970
marriage: Hendrik van Schweinfurt
death: after 1036
Hendrik van Schweinfurt
birth: estimated 950
title: margrave de Nordgau
marriage: Gerberge van Gleiberg
death: 8 September 1017
burial: bij de kloosterkerk van Schweinfurt
Godilla van Rothenburg
birth: about 968
marriage: Lothar III van Stade van Waldbeck , her first marriage. The marriage was arranged by Emperor Otto II himself.
death: 18 June 1015
Lothar III van Stade van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 950
marriage: Godilla van Rothenburg , her first marriage. The marriage was arranged by Emperor Otto II himself.
death: 25 January 1003, Cologne
burial: Cologne, Church
Kunigunde van Stade
birth: estimated 955
marriage: w Siegfried I van Waldbeck
death: 13 July 997
Siegfried I van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 955
marriage: Kunigunde van Stade
death: 15 March 991
Nn van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 950

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