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Katherine Willoughby b. about 1474 d. about 1542

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Lineage Willoughby
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Katherine Willoughby

w Christopher Willoughby (10th Baron Willoughby de Eresby) [Willoughby] b. about 1453 d. before 13 July 1499

Margaret Jenney [Jenney] b. about 1460 d. 16 May 1515


about 1474 birth: Suffolk, England

child birth: Eleanor Heydon (Townshend) [Heydon] d. after 1553

August 1490 marriage: England, John Heydon [Heydon] b. about 1468 d. 16 August 1550

about 1492 child birth: England, Christopher Heydon [Heydon] b. about 1492 d. 11 March 1541

about 1542 death: Norfolk, England

From grandparents to grandchildren

John Welles
birth: 1450, Well (Lincolnshire), England
death: 9 February 1499, Westminster (England), Pasmers Place
Christopher Willoughby (10th Baron Willoughby de Eresby)
birth: about 1453, England
title: baron Willoughby d'Eresby
marriage: Margaret Jenney , Knotishall, Suffolk, England
death: before 13 July 1499, Campsey, Suffolk, England
Margaret Jenney
birth: about 1460, Knoddishall, Suffolk, England
marriage: Christopher Willoughby (10th Baron Willoughby de Eresby) , Knotishall, Suffolk, England
death: 16 May 1515
== 3 ==
Elizabeth Willoughby
birth: 1483, Eresby, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England
marriage: w William Eure
death: before 1545, England
John Heydon
birth: about 1468, Norfolk, England
marriage: Katherine Willoughby , England
death: 16 August 1550
Katherine Willoughby
birth: about 1474, Suffolk, England
marriage: John Heydon , England
death: about 1542, Norfolk, England
== 3 ==
John Townshend
birth: 1493, royaume d'Angleterre
title: sir
children count: 7, dont 5 fils et 2 filles
marriage: Eleanor Heydon (Townshend)
death: 1540, royaume d'Angleterre
Eleanor Heydon (Townshend)
marriage: John Townshend
death: after 1553, Norfolk, England
Ann Heveringham
marriage: Christopher Heydon , England
death: before 25 March 1577, Great Snoring, Norfolk, England
Christopher Heydon
birth: about 1492, England
marriage: Ann Heveringham , England
death: 11 March 1541
Anne Drury
birth: 19 August 1523, Hawstead, Suffolk, England
marriage: Christopher Heydon , Hawsted, Suffolk, England
death: 5 September 1561, Baconsthorpe Castle, Norfolk, England
Christopher Heydon
birth: about 1519, Baconsthorpe Castle, Norfolk, England
marriage: Anne Drury , Hawsted, Suffolk, England
death: 10 December 1579, Baconsthorpe Castle, Norfolk, England

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