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Gorlais de Cornouaille ? (ap Garmon, ap Ceneu)

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Lineage Geawissae
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gorlais de Cornouaille ?
Other last names ap Garmon, ap Ceneu
Other given names Gurgust (Harleian), Gwrast Lledlwm

Coelia Concordia (Gwawl (Geawissa) vch Coel) [Geawissae] b. 371



child birth: (Anna) Murgwyss Moragennia [Mithrafal]


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This person has been called the Son of Garwin and the Son of Ceneu. This is due to a close relationship tie within the Romano Celtic family wherein his mother was married to her Uncle. When his Father (Garman) passed away Grwast, still a minor, was adopted by his mother's brother Ceneu.

[edit] Sources

  1. Harleian Genealogy 8: Rheged -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Pontius ? (de Genewis, Geawissae)
birth: before 371, Genoa
marriage: Helena Clarina Sevira (Wledig)
other: Domorot Majeure
title: Вождь саксов
Coelia Concordia (Gwawl (Geawissa) vch Coel)
birth: 371, Wales
religion: before 391, Vestal Virgin
== 3 ==
Gallus (Glywys) (Gorlois) ap Gwrast (Marcianus Gallus Silvicola)
birth: 415, Gaul, Murcia
marriage: Igraine ?
title: Isle of Man, Magister Militum
title: Gaul, Exoldunum, Governor of Nuovo Anglia
residence: Saxonia Minorus, Transalpine Gaul
death: Gaul, Murcia
== 3 ==
Arthur Pendragon of Penaschel (Potentius Ursicinus, Riothamus)
birth: 440, Tentúgal, Montemor-o-Velho, Gaul
title: Tentúgal, Montemor-o-Velho, Gaul, Riothamus d'Bretagne
title: Riothamus d'Bretagne
death: 492, Avallon, France
birth: Lothian, Scotland, Gododdin, Traprain Law
death: about 600

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