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Eudo Welles b. 1387 d. 1421

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Lineage Welles
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Eudo Welles
Other given names Hugo

John de Welles [Welles] b. 20 April 1352 d. 1421

w Eleanor de Mowbray [Mowbray] b. 25 March 1364 d. 1399


1387 birth: Well (Lincolnshire), England

marriage: Maud de Greystoke [Greystoke] b. 1390 d. 1416

1406 child birth: England, Welles, Lincolnshire, w Lionel de Welles [Welles] b. 1406 d. 29 March 1461

1421 death: Well (Lincolnshire), England


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Aubrey de Vere (10th Earl of Oxford)
birth: about 1338
death: 15 February 1400
John Mowbray
birth: 24 June 1340, Epworth (Lincolnshire), England
title: from -, England, Baron Segrave, (by wife)
death: 17 June 1368, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
Elizabeth Segrave
birth: 25 October 1338
death: 1368
John de Welles
birth: 20 April 1352, Well (Lincolnshire), England, England
death: 1421, Well (Lincolnshire), England, England
Jane Mowbray (of Norfolk)
birth: about 1363, Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire, England
marriage: (Sir) Thomas Grey (of Heaton)
death: after 30 November 1402
Thomas Mowbray (1er duc de Norfolk)
birth: 22 March 1366
marriage: Joan Talbot
death: 22 September 1399, Venise
John de Mowbray
birth: 1 August 1365
title: from 13 July 1377 - 12 January 1383, comte de Nottingham
death: 12 January 1383
Eleanor de Mowbray
birth: 25 March 1364, Epworth (Lincolnshire), Isle Axholme, England
death: 1399, Epworth (Lincolnshire), England, Isle Axholme
== 3 ==
Maud de Greystoke
birth: 1390, England, Greystoke, Northumberland
marriage: Eudo Welles
death: 1416, England, Welles, Lincolnshire
Eudo Welles
birth: 1387, Well (Lincolnshire), England
marriage: Maud de Greystoke
death: 1421, Well (Lincolnshire), England
== 3 ==
Lionel de Welles
birth: 1406, England, Welles, Lincolnshire
title: baron Welles
death: 29 March 1461, Towton, Yorkshire (England), Battle of Towton
John Welles
birth: 1450, Well (Lincolnshire), England
death: 9 February 1499, Westminster (England), Pasmers Place

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