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Helewise/Hawise/ Kendal de Lancaster

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Lineage Kendal
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Helewise/Hawise/ Kendal de Lancaster

Gilbert FitzRoger FitzReinfrid Kendal [Kendal] d. 1219

Hawise/Helwise/ de Lancaster [Lancaster] d. 1228



child birth: Agnes de Brus [Bruce]

child birth: Laderance de Brus [Bruce]

child birth: Lucy Bruce [Bruce]

title: леди of Kendal

1218 child birth: Margaret Bruce [Bruce] b. 1218 d. before 30 January 1306

[edit] Sources

  1. -
  2. - генеалогическая схема

From grandparents to grandchildren

Warine de Lancaster (de Lea)
occupation: Falconer to King [[Person:11760|Henry II]]
Sir William de Lancaster
birth: Steward to King Henry II
title: 6th Baron Kendal
marriage: Helewise de Stuteville (Lancaster)
death: 1184
Gilbert FitzRoger FitzReinfrid Kendal
title: Lord of Kendal
death: 1219
Hawise/Helwise/ de Lancaster
title: Baroness Kendal
fact 1: 20 July 1189, Married
death: 1228
== 3 ==
Peter II Bruce
birth: about 1201, Skelton Yorkshire England
title: лорд Skelton
death: 1240
Helewise/Hawise/ Kendal de Lancaster
title: леди of Kendal
== 3 ==
Lucy Bruce
birth: Skelton Yorkshire England ?
Robert de Ros
birth: about 1213
marriage: Margaret Bruce
death: April 1274
Margaret Bruce
birth: 1218
marriage: Robert de Ros
death: before 30 January 1306
Уолтер de Faucomberge
title: 1-й барон de Fauconberg
marriage: Agnes de Brus
death: 2 November 1304, Уизернвик, Холдернесс Вапентаке, Йоркшир, Англия
Marmaduke Thwenge (de Fauconberge)
death: 31 December 1318
Николас д'Энгейн
birth: about 1269, Колн Энгейн, Эссекс, Англия
title: рыцарь
title: сэр
marriage: Агнес de Faucomberge (д'Энгейн)
death: 10 December 1322, Котон, Кембриджшир, Англия

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