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Adalbert Limoges b. estimated 850 d. about 910

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Lineage Limoges
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Adalbert Limoges

Fougere de Limoges [Limoges] d. 886


estimated 850 birth:

title: Limoges (87), vicomte de Limoges

estimated 875 child birth: Eldegaire Limoges [Limoges] b. estimated 875 d. about 945

about 910 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Bertha de Reims
birth: estimated 825
marriage: Raimond Rouergue
death: after 6 April 883
birth: about 815
death: about 852
Raimond Rouergue
birth: about 817
title: Toulouse, comte de Toulouse
title: Rodez, comte de Rouergue
title: comte de Quercy
marriage: Bertha de Reims
death: before 17 April 865
Odón de Tolosa ? (Tolosa)
birth: estimated 845
title: between 872 and 918, Rodez (12), conde de Rouergue
title: between 887 and 918, Toulouse (31), Conde de Tolosa
death: after 16 June 918
Faquilena de Roergue
birth: 840
marriage: w Loup Ier de Bigorre
death: before 17 April 865
Régilinde de Toulouse
birth: about 860
Bernard Ier de Toulouse
death: between August 874 and December 874
Bernard de Toulouse
death: before 3 November 862
Fougere de Limoges
title: Limoges (87), vicomte de Limoges
death: 886
== 3 ==
Ranulphe Ier d'Aubusson
birth: about 872
marriage: Godolinde de Turenne
death: after 934
birth: estimated 860
Adalbert Limoges
birth: estimated 850
title: Limoges (87), vicomte de Limoges
death: about 910
== 3 ==
birth: estimated 875
Eldegaire Limoges
birth: estimated 875
title: Limoges (87), vicomte de Limoges
death: about 945
Gerard de Limoges
birth: about 910
marriage: Rotilde de Brosse
title: 974, Vicomte de Limoges
death: 988

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