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Almodis Limoges b. estimated 970

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Lineage Limoges
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Almodis Limoges

Gerard de Limoges [Limoges] b. about 910 d. 988

Rotilde de Brosse [Brosse] b. estimated 935


estimated 970 birth:

about 991 child birth: Bernard I LeMarche [La Marche] b. about 991 d. between 1038 and 16 June 1047

From grandparents to grandchildren

Eldegaire Limoges
birth: estimated 875
title: Limoges (87), vicomte de Limoges
death: about 945
birth: estimated 875
Ademar van Brosse
birth: estimated 900
birth: estimated 910
Gerard de Limoges
birth: about 910
marriage: Rotilde de Brosse
title: 974, Vicomte de Limoges
death: 988
== 3 ==
Gui I de Limoges
title: Vicomte de Limoges
marriage: Emma de Ségur
death: 27 October 1025, Limoges
burial: Limoges, St.Martial
Aimeri I de Limoges (dit Ostofrancus)
title: vicomte de Rochechouart
marriage: Ave
other: 1010, Mentioned
Audebert de La Marche
birth: estimated 960
title: before 974, Charroux (86), comte de La Marche
title: after 975, comte du Périgord
death: 997, Charroux
burial: klooster Charroux
Almodis Limoges
birth: estimated 970
== 3 ==
Amelie d'Aulney
birth: 995
death: 1053
Bernard I LeMarche
birth: about 991
title: comte de La Marche
death: between 1038 and 16 June 1047
Raymond III Pons Toulouse
birth: before 998
marriage: Adelmonde de la Marche
death: 1060, Toulouse
burial: Toulouse, Saint-Sernin
Adelmonde de la Marche
birth: 1020
marriage: Hugh V Le Debonnaire (de Lusignan)
title: 1038
marriage: Raymond III Pons Toulouse
title: 1040, Barcelona, cathedral
title: May 1053, Comtesse de Barcelone
marriage: Ramón Berenguer I
death: 1 November 1071
Eudes Ier de La Marche
title: 1081, comte de La Marche
death: between 25 April 1091 and 12 November 1098
Audebert de La Marche
title: comte de La Marche
death: 1088

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