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William Hawte b. 1430 d. 2 July 1497

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Lineage Hawte
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William Hawte

William Hawte [Hawte] b. 1390 d. 1462

Joan Wydville [Wydville] b. 1404 d. 1462



1430 birth: Waltham (Kent), England

1452 child birth: Kent (England), , Jane Hawte [Hawte] b. 1452

1460 child birth: Bishopsbourne, Kent (England), Shelvingbourne, Thomas Hawte [Hawte] b. 1460 d. 1502

2 July 1497 death: Bishopsbourne, Kent (England)

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Nicholas Hawte
birth: 1371, England, Waddenhall, Kent
marriage: Alice De Coven
death: 1389, East Horndon, Essex (England)
Alice De Coven
birth: 1373, England, Waddenhall, Kent
marriage: Nicholas Hawte
death: 1425, England, Well, Kent
William Hawte
birth: 1390, England, Waddenhall, Kent
death: 1462, Canterbury (Kent), England, St Augustine
Richard Wydville
birth: before 1405
Joan Wydville
birth: 1404, Northamptonshire, England, Grafton
death: 1462, Canterbury (Kent), England, St Augustine
== 3 ==
Joan Horne
birth: 1434, Waltham (Kent), England
death: 2 July 1497, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England)
William Hawte
birth: 1430, Waltham (Kent), England
death: 2 July 1497, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England)
== 3 ==
Isabel Frowicke
birth: 1464, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England), Shelvingbourne
death: 1517, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England)
Thomas Hawte
birth: 1460, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England), Shelvingbourne
death: 1502, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England), Shelvingbourne
Ralph Tooke (Toke)
birth: 1430, Westcliffe (Kent), England
death: 1480, Dover (Kent), England
Jane Hawte
birth: 1452, Kent (England),
William Hawte
birth: 1490, Bishopsbourne, Kent (England), Shelvingbourne
death: 1530, Canterbury (Kent), England, St Augustine
Walter Tooke (Toke)
birth: 1471, Dover (Kent), England

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