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Delila Catherine Vandevender b. 21 December 1847 d. 8 November 1889

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Lineage Deventer
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Delila Catherine Vandevender

Henry VanDeventer [Deventer] b. 6 April 1819 d. 6 March 1874

Elizabeth Ann Beall [Beall] b. 25 March 1822 d. 12 May 1899


21 December 1847 birth: Gilmer, Virginia

1 January 1871 child birth: Burning Springs (West Virginia), Wirt County (West Virginia), Floyd Lee McCray [McCray] b. 1 January 1871 d. 18 December 1951

8 November 1889 death: Creston (West Virginia), Wirt County (West Virginia)


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  • Gilmer, Virginia

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From grandparents to grandchildren

William VanDeventer
birth: 31 March 1819, Pocahontas County (West Virginia), Little Levels
death: 6 March 1864, Wheeling (West Virginia)
George (Hauser) Beall
birth: 1788, Jamestown (Virginia)
death: 20 June 1867, Gilmer County (West Virginia)
Mary Ann Parsons
birth: 22 January 1792, Hardy (Virginia)
death: 1880
Henry VanDeventer
birth: 6 April 1819, Little Levels, Pendleton, Virginia
death: 6 March 1874, Creston, Calhoun, W. Virginia
Elizabeth Ann Beall
birth: 25 March 1822, Hardy County (West Virginia)
death: 12 May 1899, Parkersburg (West Virginia), Wood County (West Virginia)
== 3 ==
William Taylor McCray
birth: 1847, Marion County (West Virginia)
death: 1942, Wirt County (West Virginia)
Delila Catherine Vandevender
birth: 21 December 1847, Gilmer, Virginia
death: 8 November 1889, Creston (West Virginia), Wirt County (West Virginia)
== 3 ==
Nettie Jane Deaton
birth: 8 December 1875, Spencer Roanoake West Virginia
death: June 1946, Winslow Navajo Arizona
Floyd Lee McCray
birth: 1 January 1871, Burning Springs (West Virginia), Wirt County (West Virginia)
death: 18 December 1951, Paris Crossing (Indiana), Jennings County (Indiana)
Dexter Lee McCray
birth: 26 November 1895, Spencer (West Virginia), Roane County (West Virginia)
death: 19 September 1968, St. Johns (Arizona), Apache County (Arizona)

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