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Bouchard III de Montmorency b. estimated 1000

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Lineage Montmorency
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Bouchard III de Montmorency

Bouchard le Barbu [Montmorency] b. estimated 980 d. 1012

Ildelinde van Basset [Basset] b. estimated 980

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estimated 1000 birth:

child birth: Thibault de Montmorency [Montmorency] d. about 1090

title: Montmorency (95), seigneur de Montmorency

title: signeur de Marly

children count: 5

estimated 1035 child birth: Hervé de Montmorency [Montmorency] b. estimated 1035 d. 1094


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Bouchard I de Montmorency -
birth: estimated 950
children count: 3
marriage: Hildegarde de Blois
Odo I de Blois
birth: 950
title: 977
title: 977, Шартрское графство, Франковское королевство, граф шартрский
title: 977, Шатодунское графство, Франковское королевство, граф шатодунский
title: 977, Турское графство, Франковское королевство, граф турский
death: between 12 March 995 and 996, Marmoutier, France, Marmoutier Abbey
marriage: Bertha Bourgogne
Emma du Blois
birth: 950
marriage: William IV of Aquitaine
death: 27 December 1003
Hugues de Blois
title: 969, Archevêque de Bourges
death: 986
Thibaud de Montlhéry (File Etoupe)
birth: about 970
death: 1031
Bouchard le Barbu
birth: estimated 980
title: Montmorency (95), seigneur de Montmorency
title: Écouen (95), seigneur d'Écouen
title: Marly-le-Roi (78), seigneur de Marly-le-Roi
title: seigneur de Feuillarde et de Château-Basset.
marriage: Ildelinde van Basset
death: 1012
== 3 ==
Bouchard III de Montmorency
birth: estimated 1000
title: Montmorency (95), seigneur de Montmorency
title: signeur de Marly
children count: 5
== 3 ==
Agnes d'Eu
birth: estimated 1045
marriage: Hervé de Montmorency
death: before 1074
Hervé de Montmorency
birth: estimated 1035
title: seigneur de Montmorency et de Marly
occupation: bouteiller de France
marriage: Agnes d'Eu
death: 1094
Thibault de Montmorency
caste: Connétables de France
death: about 1090
Agnes Beaumont
birth: estimated 1080
marriage: w Bouchard IV de Montmorency
death: before 1105
Bouchard IV de Montmorency
birth: estimated 1070
children count: 6
marriage count: 2
marriage: Agnes Beaumont
death: 2 January 1131, Jérusalem

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