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Tiran Trdat III Helios (of Armenia) b. estimated 260 d. 330

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Lineage Arsacid
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Tiran Trdat III Helios
Other last names of Armenia

Khosorov II of Armenia [Arsacid] b. estimated 236 d. about 287

Wiki-page wikipedia:Tiridates III of Armenia


estimated 260 birth:

child birth: Lamissia [?]

child birth: w Salome (Beoun) ? (of Ujarma) [Arsacid] d. 361

title: King Dula (Folklore)

between 287 and 330 title: King of Armenia

estimated 290 child birth: w Khosorov III of Armenia (Cosrus Gothicus) [Arsacid] b. estimated 290 d. 339

estimated 310 child birth: Ashken [Arsacid] b. estimated 310 d. about 330

330 death:

burial: Tordan (Doğanköy) (Dulankoy)


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Trdat II of Armenia
birth: estimated 194
death: about 252
Khosorov II of Armenia
birth: estimated 236
title: between 245 and 287, King of West Armenia
death: about 287
== 3 ==
Aschken ? (Bructeri)
birth: estimated 280
Tiran Trdat III Helios (of Armenia)
birth: estimated 260
title: King Dula (Folklore)
title: between 287 and 330, King of Armenia
death: 330
burial: Tordan (Doğanköy) (Dulankoy)
== 3 ==
Khosorov III of Armenia (Cosrus Gothicus)
birth: estimated 290
death: 339
(Saint) Husik I
birth: estimated 310
death: 347
birth: estimated 310
death: about 330
Rev II ? (Of Iberia)
marriage: w Salome (Beoun) ? (of Ujarma)
title: between 345 and 361, Prince of Iberia
death: 361
birth: estimated 310
death: 348
Hesychius At'anagenes
birth: estimated 305
Sauromaces II
title: from 361 - 363, King of Iberia
title: from 370 - 378, Diarch
Tigranes VII (Tiran) of Armenia (Tiberius Julius Teiranes)
birth: 300
title: between 339 and 350, King of Armenia
death: about 360
Tiridates (Trdat)
title: from 394 - 406, King of Iberia
death: 406

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