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Wu Di Han (of China) b. -156 d. 29 March -87

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Lineage Liu
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Wu Di Han
Other last names of China
Other given names Liu Che

Jing Han Liu [Liu]

Zhi Wang Zhi [Zhi] d. -126

Wiki-page wikipedia:Emperor Wu of Han


-156 birth:

child birth: Ju Han Liu [Liu]

child birth: Chwangu ? (Han, of China) [?]

title: Emperor of China

29 March -87 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Liu Fei 劉肥
death: -189
Liu Ying 劉盈
birth: -210
marriage: w Zhāng Yān 張嫣 (張)
title: between -194 and -188, China, Emperor of China
death: -188
Liu Ruyi 劉如意
birth: -208
title: -198, Prince Yin of Zhao
death: -195
Liu Hui 劉惠
title: Prince Gong of Zhao
Liu You Liu (劉)
title: Prince of Huaiyang
Liu Chang Liu (劉長)
title: Prince Li of Huainan
Liu Heng (劉恆) Liu (劉) (Emperor Wen)
birth: -202
title: Emperor of China
death: -157
Dou Xiaowen Dou
birth: China, Qinghe
title: Empress of China
Jing Han Liu
title: Emperor of China
marriage: Consort Bo
Zhi Wang Zhi
birth: Huaili China
title: Empress of China
death: -126
== 3 ==
Zifu Wei
title: Empress of China
death: -91
Wu Di Han (of China)
birth: -156
title: Emperor of China
death: 29 March -87
== 3 ==
Chwangu ? (Han, of China)
title: Princess of China

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