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Clemence de Fouvent b. 1180 d. 1240

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Lineage Fouvent
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Clemence de Fouvent

Henri de Fouvent [Fouvent]

Agnes de Broyes [Broyes]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::AdriaenAlbout.ged::INDI @I8241@::Kjansen


1180 birth:

child birth: Hugues de Vergy [Vergy] d. after 1223

child birth: Guy de Vergy [Vergy] d. after April 1241

child birth: w Henri Ier de Vergy [Vergy] d. 1263

1207 marriage: Willem I van Vergy-Donzy (van Vergy-Donzy) [Vergy] b. 1180 d. 18 January 1240

1210 child birth: Agnes de Vergy [Vergy] b. 1210 d. between 1261 and 1268

1240 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Henri de Fouvent
property: Seigneur de Fouvent
== 2 ==
Willem I van Vergy-Donzy (van Vergy-Donzy)
birth: 1180
property: Reulle-Vergy (21), Seigneur de Vergy
marriage: Clemence de Fouvent
death: 18 January 1240
== 2 ==
Henri Ier de Vergy
occupation: Sénéchal de Bourgogne
property: Seigneur de Mirebeau
marriage: Élisabeth de Salins
death: 1263
Hugues de Vergy
death: after 1223
Jean Ier de Vergy
property: Seigneur de Fouvent
property: Seigneur de Champlitte et d’Autrey
marriage: Marguerite de Noyers
death: 1310
burial: Theuley (70)
Laura van Lotharingen
birth: 1238
marriage: Guillaume de Vergy
marriage: Jean de Dampierre
title: 1250, Dame de Dampierre
death: 1270
Guillaume de Vergy
property: Seigneur de Mirebeau.
marriage: Laura van Lotharingen
Henri de Vergy
death: after 1289
burial: Langres (52)

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