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Tunku Ahmad b. 1898 d. 1983

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Lineage Ibrahim (Johor)
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Tunku Ahmad

w Sultan Ibrahim Al-Masyhur (Johor) [Ibrahim (Johor)] b. 17 September 1873 d. 8 May 1959

Che Puan Hasana [Mohamad]


1898 birth:

1983 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ungku Muhammad Khalid
birth: 1849, Singapura
death: 19 September 1900, Singapura
Sultan Abu Bakar (Johor)
birth: 3 February 1883, Singapura
marriage: Wan Chik
marriage: Cecilia Catharina Lange (Zubaidah Binti Abdullah)
marriage: Ah Gew Wong (Sultanah Fatimah)
marriage: Hatice Hanum
death: 4 June 1895, London
burial: 7 September 1895, Makam Diraja Mahmoodiah
William Peter Lange
birth: 1843
death: 1855, Singapura
Andreas Emil Lange
birth: 1850
marriage: Ayan Jane
death: 1909
Rukiye Hanım
birth: 1864
marriage: Dato' Jaafar
death: 1904
Dato' Jaafar
birth: 1838, Singapura
marriage: Rukiye Hanım
death: 3 July 1919, Johor Bahru
burial: Makam Diraja Mahmoodiah
Dato' Onn
birth: 12 February 1895, Bukit Gambir
marriage: Datin Halimah
marriage: Rafeah Abdullah
marriage: Che Jamilah
marriage: Che Kah
death: 19 January 1962, Johor Bahru
== 3 ==
Sultan Ismail Al-Khalidi (Johor)
birth: 28 October 1894, Johor Bahru
marriage: Ungku Tun Aminah
marriage: Sultanah Tengku Nora
death: 10 May 1981, Johor Bahru
burial: Makam Diraja Mahmoodiah
Tunku Haris Abu Bakar
birth: 1898
death: 1956
Tunku Miriam
birth: 18 September 1950
marriage: w Barry Sapherson
Tunku Ahmad
birth: 1898
death: 1983
== 3 ==

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