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Hugo III de Broyes b. 1120 d. 1199

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Lineage Broyes
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Hugo III de Broyes

Félicité de Brienne [Brienne] b. 1098 d. 1178

w Simon Ier de Broyes [Broyes] b. about 1090 d. about 1137

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Hugh III of Broyes
Reference numbers GEDCOM::AdriaenAlbout.ged::INDI @I78846@::Kjansen


1120 birth:

before 22 October 1144 marriage: Stéphanie de Bar [Scarpone] d. before 1178

1178 marriage: Elisabeth of France [Capet] b. 1160 d. 1239

1199 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Milon de Brienne
birth: about 1075
death: about 1125
Engelbert de Brienne
death: after 1138
Erard Brienne
birth: about 1070
title: 1090, Comte de Brienne
marriage: Agnes of Ramerupt
death: 1114
Agnes of Ramerupt
birth: 1070
marriage: Erard Brienne
title: 1110, Comtesse de Brienne
death: 1143
Gautier de Brienne
birth: after 1095, Brienne-le-Château, France
title: 1114, Comte de Brienne et Seigneur de Ramerupt
marriage: Humbelina de Soissons
marriage: Adélaïde de Vaudémont
death: before 1156
Geoffroy III de Joinville (le Gros)
birth: about 1101
title: Seigneur de Joinville
occupation: Sénéchal de Champagne
marriage: Félicité de Brienne
death: 1188
Simon Ier de Broyes
birth: about 1090
title: Seigneur de Broyes, de Beaufort, de Baye, de Trie-le-Bardoul, de Charmentray et de Châteauvillain
marriage: Félicité de Brienne
death: about 1137
== 3 ==
Geoffrey IV de Geneville
birth: 1145
property: seigneur de Joinville
occupation: Sénéchal de Champagne
marriage: Helvide de Dampierre
death: August 1190
== 3 ==

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